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and it may be time to introduce other concentrated ores to living rock caverns

adamantite definitely, and perhaps 1 or 2 new ores, revitalizing the LRC is a good thing
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Yeah, every ore is concentrated now - and outside of LRC, consistently available, with no hostile NPCs.

LRC as a mining location is obsolete as things stand now.
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16-Jan-2019 21:36:49

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Actually they did update lrc making the rocks in it give 5 ore per instead of 1. All of them are always active too. If you have spirits you can get 10 per.

So how does it need updated?

Both gold and coal are used up allot. The other ores have a purpose of being valued higher as theyĺre used as primary metals in armor smithing. If they introduced concentrated anything else the mining and smithing market would be the same as it was pre rework

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