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Hey all,

It has now been a week since the Skillcape Perks have been added and we've seen a load of discussion regarding specific perks and the functions.

I can confirm to you that will be improving the function of the Smithing & Agility skillcapes, as it stands I'm unable to provide any details on what this involves as there's discussion to be had.

I've also created this post to encompass all of the Skillcape Perk discussion into one post, myself and other Mods will regularly check back on this post and answer whatever we can.

Feel free to use this thread as a chance to offer some suggestions on what you think could be improved, or just have a discussion!

Thanks for reading :)
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28-Feb-2017 11:10:44

Merry Xmas
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I really want to see a slight tweak to the farming cape. I believe it should only activate on the first click when harvesting a patch, but have a slightly higher chance to do so. So annoying harvesting 12 herbs, then getting to the last one, perk activates and you get a grand total of 1 noted herb. It doesn't save you that much time because you still have to get the other herbs noted by the tool leprechaun?

Would love to see what everyone else thinks about this.

28-Feb-2017 11:15:44

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Almost all of them have a use, I wouldn't change it too much.

Defence I'd like to see changed to a Ring of Life, as you can already use a portent instead of a sign to free up the pocket slot (and there is no way to free up the ring slot when you want to have the ring of life effect).

Smithing was also lovely, because it makes it possible to have the Goldsmith gauntlets effect at the Living rock caverns while wearing the full Golem outfit. Hope that's not changed.

Haven't used Slayer myself yet, but was told it requires a lot of clicks and/or multiple menu's.
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Smithing and Agility absolutely need reworking.

Fire making and Crafting seem pretty lacklustre too. I’d also add Slayer is pretty bad in my opinion - by the time you are 99, you should only be using the top two highest masters at best and most aren’t far from loadstones so not much of a reward.
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28-Feb-2017 11:21:28

Big Storms
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I'll use this opportunity to ask a question also posted on reddit for which I did not manage to find the answer yet:

Summoning: Does it stack with Modified Shaman's head & spirit gems? What is the exact chance a charm is not consumed?

If it does stack with the Shaman's head and spirit gems I'd like to say I do not want to see the perk changed: it is a nice little boost for training 99-120 now.
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Dear Shauny,

in regards to the skillcape perks, only the invention one, albeit just a tiny bit, is useful. all others are merely convenient or completely useless.

Ranged > useless, nobody wears a skillcape when ranging considering ava's alerter is better and a comp cape already has this effect.
Prayer > useless, because you use sixth age cape anyways.
Smith > useless.
Defence > saves one inventory spot so hence useless.
Attack > might be useful if it also saves charges on augmented degradable equipment.
Strength > very very very marginal increase and pretty useless.
Magic > nice if you don't want to make spellbook switchers from invention or are too lazy to walk to the altar in priff or do not have access. (who the hell at 99 magic doesn't have that loljk)
Runecrafting > decent, but there are FC's and it only shows the first rune I believe which is easy as hell to get from a number of sources.
Construction > useless, nobody makes planks except bots.
Constitution (HP) > Useless, because unless you're praying fortitude you do not regen HP anyways in combat so useless.
Herblore > pretty useless, because no xp, but you get clean herbs so maybe decent for money making, but why bother doing that after 99 herblore.
Thieving > very very marginal increase at dwarf traders post 99, but at priff it's useless.
Crafting > handy, but useless because you do not equip a cape to just craft something which requires thread, might as well just get few thread out of the bank and almost nothing requires thread to begin with.
Fletching > could be useful, but I doubt a lot of people cut unstrung bows post 99.
Slayer > decent if you're lazy and do not want to make slayer gems or use those on your helmet/ not unlocked. so you might bring it along on a task if you feel like it. but if you use priff it's legit just being lazy and it saves you 5 seconds.
Hunter > useless. nobody post 99 does herblore habitat.

28-Feb-2017 11:26:19

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