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Prayer: Give it a meaty prayer bonus, a beefed up holy wrench effect, or have it slow prayer drain by 7.5%

Constitution: Have it allow regeneration in combat, or have it give a boost to max health (stacking with comp)

Agility: We become weightless or have infinite run and/or stop failing all obstacles

Thieving: Allow us to feed it to an ardougne cloak 3/4? It's not bad, but outclassed.

Crafting: Not sure but it is currently terrible.

Hunter: Checking successful hunter traps will be followed up by us automatically resetting the trap on that location. Tbh this is a general needed qol update, with the perk then being: It counts as a full set of relevant camo hunter gear (polar, desert, woodland, etc) and timed out traps reset themselves if you are within 10 squares.

Mining: Fine for now, but update it when the rework comes. +2 levels is the most uninspired thing you can possibly do given how old and basic the skill is currently. Give it something that makes use of the new mining.

Smithing: See Mining.

The others are fine.

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I don't want them to be too good, so that you're constantly removing them from max/comp and replacing them with other ones because you can't compete without them.

I like the ones that have their own use in a specific situation where you don't need another cape, such as using mage cape to change spellbooks at a bank. Even the ones that seem like that, like prayer cape, you'd still want a max cape to bank with, and if you put it on your max cape, then you have to take it off again when you want combat perks to go bossing etc.

That said, the max cape has always felt like a skilling cape, since even people who have it use Kiln capes or Reefwalker or something else to do combat in, so it would be great if we could put 3 perks in a comp cape (combat type ones) and then a different three in a max cape for skilling, although even then some of the comp cape abilities are skilling related, like ardy cloak and jerrod's cape effect for thieving, possibly the spirit cape effect etc.

Obviously if the Agility one only works at the Agility arena then it must make the agility arena the best for something otherwise there's no point, whether that be (equal) best xp in the game, or such good money from the rewards that it's worth the opportunity cost of taking more time to train agility, when every extra hour you have to spend could have been spent at Araxxor gaining 10m an hour for similar effort. There's nothing wrong with the gameplay there, it requires full attention but if it rewarded people somehow it would still be popular.

As it is there's 5 that have uses in combat, I know Jagex like people to have to choose between things, but ultimately that just means spending a lot to constantly switch them out, making the already rich even more combat effective than the average player.

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I feel like the majority of perks are usefull but very underwhelming. Mainly because they either buff some niche case that barely applies to anyone or they buff content that is almost certainly useless at 99 (like mid lvl training/money making methods).
I can understand that the perks shouldnt be overpowered copies of each other (like 10% increase in gathering skills ect). But they should do something that someone with 99 will most likely have use for and they shouldnt be covered by items that are easy to get at 99.

For example the teleport option on the dung cape is certainly usefull, but anyone with 99 or higher dungeoneering most likely has a hoardstalker ring and enough tokens to recharge it for years. Usefull but underwhelming perk.

Same holds true for cookie, at first glance never burning food sounds cool. But honestly what food can you even burn at 99 with cooking gloves? I think wobbegong oil is the only thing with like a 1% chance to burn at that point. Perk sounds good but in reality it doesnt do anything

I am honestly surprised there is even a single person defending the agility and smithing perks.

Herblore is another one that sounds good but 99 herblore is expensive and if you can afford that you wont need cleaning herbs as a money maker. Not to mention the margin will sooner or later get smaller. Cleaning herbs is something you do as a mid/low lvl that cant use good money making methods.

Just go back to the drawing board and ask yourself a simple question when looking at each perk. "if i just got 99, how would i feel about the new perk i unlocked?" The answer should be something a long the lines of "excited" "this sounds nice" and not "why would i ever use that, its useless".
Personally i dont have good suggestions, i just know that i will never use the majority of perks.

With that said some perks are good enough, like the magic/strength/attack/invention/defense perks.

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A good change to crafting cape would be allowing crafting of hides without making them into leather, saves a bit more than thread but allows crafting on the job, can craft and alch dragonhides while killing

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Draco Burnz said:
Oinks said:
Prayer: Give it a meaty prayer bonus, a beefed up holy wrench effect,

I support the 1st age effect, but not this.

Would be too op imo.

Not all 3 at once, just one of them. A +6 or so prayer bonus really isn't that op. The enhanced wrench can be dropped down to standard wrench and amount to just saving 1 inventory space if +5-6 points per dose is too much. I don't like the 1st age perk because that does nothing to someone looking to use the skill in any way. Having the prayer cape count as 1st age should be a ninja qol fix if anything. To reward someone for getting 99 by changing the look of their mtx reward is just depressing.

01-Mar-2017 16:13:37

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Slayer cape is perfect, and does not need changing. I don't use any of the other capes. Great update though, loved it. Saves me A LOT of time whilst doing slayer. (Trust me, it adds up.)

Change the other capes if you must, but leave slayer as it is. For everyone who is currently training slayer, past and present it's perfectly done. But leave the Slayer cape as is, all us Slayers love it! :D Great job on that.
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