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Hex Maniac
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Hex Maniac

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Attack: - a good perk to have, one of the best in terms of usefulness for pvmers, though it feels more like this should have been the smithing perk.

Strength: - Really good for melee

Defence: - Decent perk, saves an inventory slot

Ranged: - Useless for Completionist, nice for Max cape. Would benefit the most from having comp and max perk slots split

Prayer: - I guess it's kinda useful for ironmen? but then i don't think many ironmen would be gathering bones for prayer training beyond 99. A lot of people tend to be doing cleansing stones on dxp nowadays, maybe something like a very slight prayer drain reduction?

Magic: - Replaces the spellbook swapper with invention, needs a daily limit of maybe 1 or 2 charges.

Runecrafting: - Useful

Construction: - Who even really makes planks at all let alone beyond 99 construction? Aside from maybe ironmen. Maybe it could offer a free house tele a few times a day?

Constitution: - Good if using Fortitude, otherwise not really useful since it won't work in combat without it.

Agility: - You're definitely not going to be doing Brimhaven at 99, not really sure what an appropriate new perk would be though.

Herblore: - Good for ironmen. Any potential money-making from this for normal players probably wouldn't last long.

Thieving: - Nice for Dwarf Traders

Crafting: - Kinda iffy about this one, thread is super cheap so there's not much benefit, other than saving an inventory spot, which wouldn't really benefit if making bodies.

Fletching: - Saves money, decent, although a lot of people much prefer to train via broad arrows.

Slayer: - Needs a daily charge limit, replaces ferocious rings teleport

Hunter: - Don't really train hunter so i'm not gonna comment on this one, think most people prefer doing arc tortles now though, or grenwalls. Maybe if it helped prevent grens from getting spooked? just thought

Mining: - Seems like it could be useful even after the rework.

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Sly Merchant
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Sly Merchant

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I quite like the skillcapes perks overall. They have changed the way I play the game. Nothing is OP or gamebreaking, but it does feel nice.

That being said, the limit on comp/max skillcape perks is tedious. You should just grant the comp cape the ability to act as all perks. People already only use the best passive 3, and the other ones simply take up bank space and have to be switched out for certain activities. This isn't really a constraint but just an inconvenience.

The invention perk isn't that great anyway (or at least not as great as it sounds, + a charge drain reduction is much needed across the board), so this would be a nice QOL update.

Some capes are just teleport capes, and therefore befit comp, and some of them just involve putting on a cooking cape, crafting cape, or a construction cape for those skills, so there is no power creep involved. We should still have to add the capes to the comp cape, but it shouldn't be limited.

Also, some perks are useless and should be reworked, such as agility, since they are nearly useless.

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In terms of the smithing perk it is extremely useful for ironmen as it allows the use of goldsmith gaunts + golem outfit in lrc. LRC being the most efficent for mining+smithing xp, simple parts from gold bars, and gold bars for slayer rings. If you adjust it would it be possible that it still retains this affect in addition to a new one?

28-Feb-2017 12:31:10

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JackScape said:
Sebastiaan said:
it's an issue if you want to change on the go and not have to either go to her every bloody time you want to do something OR have a stack of capes clogging your bank. a simple 99k gp fee would eliminate this entirely.

You have a cape that has infinite teleports to a guild that has a bank and a shop that sells every skillcape within seconds of each other. How is that not accessible enough..? Like, I'm legit curious. What possible scenario would you need to be changing perks "on the go" that wouldn't allow you a quick pop into the max guild, a place where you're likely spending most of your banking/idle time anyway?

if you're on the arc doing some skilling and then you want to go boss/slayer for example. it's just inconvenient having to go to max guild to switch this shit when a simple fee would suffice. I am not saying it's a gamebreaker, but something as simple as a small fee to switch if they insist on it being a money drain would just be nice to have.

28-Feb-2017 12:34:24

Iron Soren
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Iron Soren

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Mod Shauny said:
I can confirm to you that will be improving the function of the Smithing & Agility skillcapes, as it stands I'm unable to provide any details on what this involves as there's discussion to be had.

I can see how these perks are underwhelming to the "main" game. However, in the Ironman Community a lot of people are very happy with the Smithing perk as it allows us to use the Magic Golem Set effect and the full Golden Mining Suit effect (6% now vs 4% before due to gloves) in LRC.

I'm fully aware that game updates shouldn't be balanced solely around Ironmen but I also don't think updates should go out of their way in order to not give our community small perks that don't harm the main game.

Perks, such as the Smithing perk, that are mainly useful to Ironmen could be considered a lost opportunity cost but since it's already in the game at the moment I ask that "improving the function" means "adding onto" rather than "replacing" when the change is to be made. I'm sure many Ironmen would appreciate that. I know I definitely would.

Thank you for taking your time to discuss this topic with us :)

28-Feb-2017 12:34:45

Hex Maniac
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Hex Maniac

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Smithing: - Not sure how future-proofed this is, with the rework upcoming. Feels kinda sub-par since rune 2hs seem to be the meta right now

Fishing: - Should give extra exp for the bonus catch.

Cooking: - You don't really burn any food at 99 with cooking gauntlets, pretty useless perk, not sure what it could be replaced with

Firemaking: - Lighting a fire isn't much of a perk really, maybe if it gave you a bonfire boost once a day or something it'd be better? Or it could act as a lightsource or something

Invention: - Nice perk, although doesn't actually work with T90 augmented armour, Attack cape perk does, this feels kinda backwards.

Summoning: - Decent if you want to go for 120, pretty much everyone is already saving like half the charms by only training on double exp weekend though.

Dungeoneering: - This one definitely needs a daily charge limit, makes hoardstalker rings pointless after 99.

Farming: - Useful for herb farming, a small benefit

Divination: - Apparently works with Cursed energy? Pretty good if it does

Woodcutting: - If you really needed a birds nest for something and couldn't buy one or needed a crystal geode for something it'd be ok i guess? It's not too great which i know is kinda the point but still, maybe it could also slightly extend the evil tree d&d bonus or something?

Quest Points: - Pretty good if you want to do Tears of Guthix
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I have been super excited about the skillcape perks but I have to agree that some perks may be somewhat invaluable to players. I'd like to suggest:

All Combat skillcape perks should include accuracy/damage/healing related passives. An example would be the Constitution Cape, it could have something related to a passive lifesteal or it could have a 0-50% chance of proc-ing 1-5 minutes worth of passive lifesteal. Likewise, another example would be the Attack Cape, accuracy related buffs could be incorporated into this cape. Other notable buffs that could be added to Combat skillcapes could be the effect that items like Dreadnips gives off.

As for Skilling skillcapes, Gathering skills should include passives that caps at a certain threshold and once it hits the certain threshold, buffs such as chances to gather extra material, chances to gather material at a quicker rate, chances to gather materials at a rapid rate for 10 seconds etc could be awarded to players.

These are just some of the things that I could humbly suggest. :)
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28-Feb-2017 12:45:44

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Mod Shauny said:
Cape Show said:
Most of them are completely useless. Thanks for this.

This reply isn't exactly helpful, want to elaborate upon this? :)

It seems that some cape perks are aimed toward achieving 120s(prayer cape) and or making money but no xp(herblore and construction) and some are really useless like the firemaking perk(light fire where you stand)

Would be nice if for example the herblore cape made potions last longer or have an added effect or if the construction cape made flatpacks noted( could be used to bring back protean logs from sawmils at a lower rate)

The capes in general are not as epic as one might have hoped. I for one am glad for the runecrafting cape which I find very useful and the ranged cape for the arrow retrieval.
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28-Feb-2017 13:02:19

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The only cape I've got at the moment is the Divination one, which I can say is 100% a useless perk. The chance of saving materials doesn't seem particularly high (based on my own experience), and most materials are pretty cheap anyway so not saving much in the long run.

There were definitely far better options which could've been much more useful for people who train div primarily, such as:

- Extended length of Guthixian Cache bonus
- Chance of converting all memories at once (so similar to Cache bonus)
- Teleports to colony of choice
- Increased chance at gathering enriched memories
- Use less energy instead of save materials

I dunno lol, it's pretty late in the evening so these are just off the top of my head. But I'd definitely like... Well, any kind of improvement to it (although logically I know Div's far from the first one you'll change. The skill has some fans out there, I promise! We're just few & far between!)

28-Feb-2017 13:14:38

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