curse of the black stone

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When Nomad first came out the forums was filled with complains about his difficulty, same with Vanstrom, slightly with Pest Queen and of course with Slikes Endgame. When Nomad first came out i lost my quest cape and tried and tried for a week, lost my bank on supplies, sold my meele armour to get more supplies, i was broke, Nomad wasnt for me so i stoped trying for a couple of weeks to see if more strategies came in eventually got my quest cape back after 3 weeks of trying, it was a real pain in the ass.

Quest have always involved combat, very hard combat in this case, questers are not skillers nor PVMers, questers are their own category which include an All-around playstyle, you have always needed to be decent PVMer for quests that include combat, this time its no different, only excuse i see is people beaing defeatist that just dont wanna try getting shit done because they are scared of losing a few gps, please try story mode and read some boss mechanics or find friends or clans who can help you but if you are younger than 70 and older than 5 you can probably finish the elite dungeons in story mode with minimal loses if you put yourself to it.

We cant have everything being a handout for the story to have impact and to be felt meaningfull, it needs hard battles, otherwise you dont feel any accomplishment, and the fact that story mode makes everything so easy its pointless to complain.

Im currently halfway through ED3, second boss is hard, but seems doable, i have died 12 times already, losing 600k each time, my bank always goes to 0 with these updates, so i have never had more than 100m, but if i get too poor i just do some slayer for a couple of days to recover the costs and be able to try ED again, this is a game, if something is too hard leave it for a few days and then later try again, but you dont need to complete anything, everything is optional.

I can help with ED1 and 2, since i can now solo them after many tries, but its all down to practice.

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I'm happy with a nice storyline with some fighting for variation, my main problem with this is that is ISN'T a quest. It's simply a force players to elite combat with a little bit of story decoration around the edge.

All the other quests have been stories, often with puzzles, with some killing here and there of mid to low level monsters and then one (or in Sliske's case 3) major boss fights at the END. Dungeons are entirely fighting mid-high level enemies (depending on your level, equipment and if you get mobbed) with at least NINE major boss fights. Sure there is an easy mode (which is still hard to do but possible) but I hate that it breaks the standards and format of all the rest of the quests in this game. One big boss fight where you spend millions on new armours and a ****ton of rocktails is what I expect, not having to do this 9 times.

I suppose it's just like dungeoneering really. Dungeoneering breaks the basic definition of a skill (I love it but it still does) and this Elite Dungeon questline breaks the basic definition of a (Runescape) Quest.

01-Mar-2019 14:23:47

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Queen†Farli said:

Wiki says the following: "Quests are groups of interrelated tasks, usually involving a storyline, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or even a few days to complete."

Doesn't that apply to 'Curse of the Black Stone'?

What makes it different to explore the Temple of Aminishi in contrary to exploring the Temple of Light? Is it actually an issue that some quest content is permanently available afterwards and not just in the closed context of a quest?

Was it an issue to engage with barrows brothers back then in Temple at Senntisten? It wasn't a quest exclusive fight either after all.

It always had quests which were more puzzle heavy and some which were more focused on combat. And there always were quests which raised the bar a bit. And elite dungeons in story mode aren't really that hard - especially comparing to what a player should've fought if they fulfill the recommendations.
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Brainbug said:
This is actually an invitation from Jagex to stop playing Runescape. I'm almost convinced to quit now - it really isn't fun anymore. :(

Agreed. I used to love quests, then Jagex decided to start making them all about boss fighting starting with Nomad. I nearly quit when i kept disconnecting making it almost impossible to beat Nomad since back then I had dial up and and older computer, and since then Jagex have made quests more and more boss focused and more of the game boss focused to the point I just don't play most of the new content or quests for the last five years.

Jagex even did a survey, or a forum thread or something which showed the main reason a majority of players might not do a quest or might not enjoy a quest if they did do it was too hard boss fights. I used to think it was just me but it is actually apparently a majority of players who hate hard bosses.

So yeah I probably won't be doing this quest of elite Dungeons, and might consider quitting or at least cutting back on how many characters I play, lately I've been barely logging in and mostly just doing Player Owned Ports and Player Owned Farm, and a daily or something.

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Remember the quests before 2007? Almost every quest had a boss fight.

Perhaps some don't like quest bosses but certainly a lot of old timers in the pre-2007 era love combat quests. :D

03-Mar-2019 00:26:48

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I haven't tried the quest yet but I suppose at some stage I will. I used to love questing, really the only reason I came back from many extended breaks in playing. I would never normally go near content like EDs, just not for me. But also, like all elite combat, glad they are there for the folk that like them and to provide a market for skilling supplies.

Of the threads on this topic I think this one has highlighted best my main issue; particularly Queen Farli's comment.

It's true that there have been many tough boss fights over the years and I have never had a problem with their inclusion. I think this case is different though.

Fundamentally it is just lazy cynical development, and I disagree that they are integral to the lore. The quest is designed purely an simply as an attempt to engage people in failing content designed to pander to only a tiny percentage of the community. Driven I suspect by a need to justify all that development time. An afterthought quest if you like. The fact that two huge parts of the quest were already in place ED1/2 demonstrate this imo.

They are not interested in quests and the development time it consumes, it has been deteriorating for years. They could have easily developed a specific and suitably difficult boss fight for this quest containing a few elements from the EDs to immerse the player in the lore and given them a feel of the dungeons. Asking questers to complete all 3 , story mode or not, is not justifiable. either make proper quests or don't bother at all.

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My main problem is that from what I've heard, you need a group for the elite dungeons.
I do not enjoy working in groups.

Tough boss fights are fine with me, I enjoy them, but only if they're solo.
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03-Mar-2019 18:54:50

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Totally agree with Camís post above. Iíve really enjoyed questing for the 11 years or so that I have been playing and yes, there have been some tough boss fights along the way but Iíve got through them eventually. This latest quest however, which is asking me to complete three elite dungeons if I want my quest cape back, is a step too far for me and it will be for many more as well. Weíre not all combat gods Jagex - thanks for ruining my rs experience.

03-Mar-2019 21:17:03

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