Incoming Clan Upkeep changes

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Mod Shauny said:
Tier 5

Timber - 1800 - 360
Stone - 1655 - 331
Bars - 158 - 317
Precious Bars - 720 - 144

Also, is the original bars value here correct? As far as I can see it's the only value that's not reduced to a fifth, which seems kinda random.
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05-Dec-2017 16:49:42

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Ty vm, Shauny! You're the best :)

Now we can focus less on simply reaching the upkeep and enjoy the benefits we achieved for Clan Citadel.

Also, I'm really looking foward to see those changes on the Ava. Waiting for the QA team... ;)

05-Dec-2017 16:51:37

A  Cole
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A  Cole

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Just in time for the Christmas break period, great!

Do you have any further information regarding what you're working on BTS regarding the Citadel, Avatar, and clans in general?


05-Dec-2017 17:02:01

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Didn;t see it anywhere but will the visitor count be the same? because you lowering the upkeep.
Also will there be any changes to upgrading any plots or citadel tier.

Overall i quite like this.
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05-Dec-2017 17:04:19

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I run a clan that currently has a Tier 5 citadel. We reach upkeep very easily every week so for me it's not the amount of resources needed per week that needs to be changed, but rather the number of visitors needed for upgrading. We need 25 visitors out of a clan that has 70 members and we struggle to even get up to 15 visitors. I get that it could be our members not contributing and we could always get more clanmates, and I have asked for feedback as to why they don't even visit the citadel to help with numbers let alone cap, and they've mostly said that it's because it takes too long and there isn't enough incentive. Hopefully with the avatar updates we should see a slight increase but for me personally it's not the resources that need changing.

Our resource amounts are going to be the numbers below if this update goes through (please note our battlefield is Tier 1 since we don't use it at all and therefore haven't upgraded it. this was a clan decision not leaders being lazy, if we wanted to upgrade it we would):

Timber: 2570 - 494
Stone: 2380 - 476
Metal Bars: 1795 - 359
Precious Bars: 860 - 172
Cloth: 375 - 75

Total: 7980 - 1576

This feels like too low of a number. Getting upkeep for the citadel should be a team effort and if 1 person can completely get upkeep alone (2k resource cap at Tier 5) it doesn't feel fair to me. In my opinion the speed of capping or number of incentives should be increased as they are the most popular reasons that people don't do it.
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05-Dec-2017 17:17:17

Tobias Ds 2
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Not fan! - Citadel is only dead content because of the rewards.

To solve this:

*Increase the avatar bonus, for those who cap.
Now: 3% if you are in the same world and 6% nearby
Next step: if you have capped last week you will get 6% If you are in the same world, and 9% nearby. (Maybe this should not count in the DXPWs)

*Increase the XP from the Quartermaster after capping.

*Make more things to create in the citadel (Every big clan wants to have a maxed citadel).
1) Make some new skilling plots for more attractive skills. A slayer plot could make citadel more attractive for PvMers and skillers if u don't have to do combat (OFCAUSE ONLY IF THE XP IS GOOD).
2) Why not create a divination spot?

For those new resources we could create:
1) A tower thats increase the XP while being in the citadel, thats will make citadel more attractive while using portables & Proteans (Especially in the DXPWs).

(More ideas to come)

*A new titel, for those who have capped over 10+ and 25+ times.

*Make it possible to collect missing skilling outfit pieces while capping.

*Increase the XP at some skilling plots. Summoning are one of the fastest skills in the game, but you only get 120 XP pr tick at the citadel skilling plot. Also the smithing and the Firemaking spot could be increased.

*Make some tasks in the citadel. New people in RuneScape don't even know whats citadel is?

and please... Get rid of all the empty spots, if you guys don't want to create new things.

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