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The time has come to announce who our Menaphos Insiders are!

Introducing your Menaphos Insiders

We're proud to announce the Menaphos Insiders (so far) are:
Jaden Blade
My Keyboard
Raw Lobbs

What is the Menaphos Insiders experiment?

The Menaphos Insiders, as we're calling them, is a bit of an experiment. The group will be fed information about the Golden City, and other content which will make its way into the game with the Menaphos expansion!

The information they receive will be exclusive to them, and we won't be sharing it outside of this group. However, the Menaphos Insiders will be able to share this information with you! They can disseminate the information we supply however they like - it's all in their hands!


How were the Menaphos Insiders selected?
We want to select a wide variety of players to take part - there are no strict requirements but we want to ensure all platforms are represented. Selections are made at our discretion.

How will Menaphos Insiders communicate?
We've set up an exclusive Discord server, where the Menaphos Insiders can chat and share information.

Why are you doing this?
This is an experiment for us. We want to see what happens when we let a small group of players share exclusive information.

What if the information isn't shared? What if I don't see all of the information?
The aim of the experiment is to see what happens when we let information make its way around the community organically.

The information we're sharing isn't game-breaking, so there's no need to worry in case you don't see it right away. If the information isn't shared, then we might share it at some point ourselves.
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Yo! It's ya boi - Guzma!

And I look forward to sharing the information bestowed upon me to the community the best I can! =]

Thank you for the opportunity!
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I have to criticize not including the anyone from the only community that would actually benefit/appreciate this, The Lore Community.

Now, I'm not saying automatically hand out Invites to everyone with a Master Quest Cape, but there are very obvious names in said community that had done a lot for Menaphos and have been unfairly left out of this, which rather boggles the mind.

So if I have this right, when PVM updates are being secretly shown off, you bring in Players who are incredibly interested in the field, ton of experience, all that, makes sense.

But when a primarily Lore/City focused update is to be shown off in secret, you decide to do a 180 and handpick players who could perhaps give little to no care about Menaphos and what it has to offer other than your typical XP addicts?

You're very out of touch CM. Start doing better or just stop bothering us entirely.
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If this is the way you wish to communicate with your players, then I hope a lot of them will quit over it. There's no sane reason whatsoever to favor a small group of players over the rest of the community.

The only thing this causes is grief and players feeling they've been treated unfairly over the group that was selected. So fuck off with this "experiment" and threat your members equally as you should. There's no need to experiment with it, as the only thing required to determine the outcome is basic common sense.

With this you've shown that you don't give a damn about your players and I hope they all realize that as well.

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