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If it makes the content better, then I hope it's worth it, and the clan changes (avatar rework especially) are very nice if long overdue. That said...

I specifically booked my holiday time for Dragonkin Laboratory's release. 3 weeks of being able to embrace one of the most hyped updates for me became two, and now you're telling me it's 0. My holiday ends the day you have chosen to release the Laboratory. So, I am incredibly mad about this.

I'm not sure the fixes will make it up to me, but I hope they at least ensure the content is super good. Will the update (or the weeks preceding) actually include promised fixes to Temple of Amanishi at least? We still can't upgrade augmented ports gear, for instance. And while not commented on, we still can't do the "malignant enigmas" achievement solo because they despawn (making your Elite title pointless for me).

No matter what happens, I won't be able to enjoy the content on launch as I could have with its proper launch date because I'll have IRL commitments, so you had better make this amazing.

23-Jul-2018 15:27:20

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