Mining and Smithing Rework

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@OP It's due near the end of the year, but it's probably still too in-dev for a concrete release date to be given. Otherwise they might give one, need a few more weeks and then everyone complains. They showed it off a month or two ago and it's going well though.

Biznut said:
So, regarding the Smithing/Mining rework. I'm not quite sure why people are pushing for this to happen or why Jagex thinks it will be a good implication.

From what I heard (Players who had the chance to Beta Tested), the rework is going to make Smithing and Mining very difficult. The time it takes to smith items is evidently going to take 10x longer than it does now. I'd assume there is a lot of balancing issues. I'd like to see the skills be left alone as is because they're both pretty straight-forward.

Do you have any other information regarding the new re-work and what it's going to consist of?
It was the second most-wanted promised update behind the Bank Rework. Not sure who you've been talking to because most people like it. Mining especially, Smithing was a little more contentious but they've addressed that in the designs. It IS what is needed for the long term of the game. They're simple as they are but extremely broken (99 smithing to make a level 50 platebody, responsible for the majority of gold created in the game by Jagex's admission).

Items take longer to smith but give more xp per item. There's a spreadsheet in the publicly available (through links in sticky threads in this forum) documents with XP rates, and if anything it will be faster than current.

What is coming is the ability to mine ore/make armour at appropriate levels (level x mining and smithing for roughly level x armour and weapons), and ore/bars/m-s armour removed from drop tables to make the skills more valuable as the actual source of this stuff. Compare atm where the best source of rune ore is Slayer with a spring cleaner

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Rikornak said:
I think the rework is grandious - the stuff finally gets adequate levels, the skill as a whole becomes more useful to have it levelled (spikes) and it will certainly make an extension to 120 significantly easier in the future.

They specifically said no 120 Mining/Smithing at the moment, for the precise reason we're having the rework.

They're making us be able to make level-appropriate gear, so if we extended M/S to 120, that could only happen when we have Combat stats going to 120 too. Otherwise it's similarly pointless and we'll have to have a M/S rework rework in the future.

06-Aug-2018 12:04:33

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