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Do you think it will every be possible to unlink accounts on rs3/osrs. I have a decent rs3 account but I also have a really good osrs account that use the same login. I'd love to be able to unlink them so i could play both at the same time for afking skills etc?

28-Jun-2018 12:00:33

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As long as they use the same login details, it's pretty much not gonna happen. Sorry.

Would be surprised if they did do it though.
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28-Jun-2018 16:16:18

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Ego Domino said:
Jeremy Cheng said:
Don't see this happening as this would decrease profit.

How would that decision decrease profit?

Not sure what Jeremy is trying to say there.

Because of the way OSRS and RS3 are linked, the portion of the player base who're intent on playing both games at literally the same time are already doing so; they simply create second accounts to get around the multi-login problem. Any money they spend is spent on that second account.

At the moment, if you buy membership or a bond on either game, the membership also applies to the other game. So if you're a player who likes to swap between OSRS and RS3 from time to time but never play both together, you can use wealth obtained on one game to buy membership for the other.

If you "unlink" the accounts, then you'd lose that "cross-membership" benefit, and your OSRS account would be split-off into the equivalent of an alt, ie. it wouldn't be any better for you than creating and playing a seperate account on the other game already is.

So if you did that, you'd have to pay for OSRS membership, rather than have it apply automatically through being an RS3 member. And if you're already paying for an alt, then switching to pay for a different alt won't hurt Jagex's profits at all.

The big risk is that one split accounts probably wouldn't ever be able to be linked again, so if you found you'd prefer to get free OSRS membership by being an RS3 member, and prefer to swap between games rather than play them both together, then you'd permanently be screwing yourself over if you did split your account off.

29-Jun-2018 00:01:28

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I don't see "unlinking" OSRS and RS3 accounts as being technically feasible considering the accounts are the one and the same in Jagex's network and architecture. It's all just one account that accesses everything from both game versions, to the forums, account settings, and other services, such as membership.

Your character & account info are more than likely saved in a database allocated for accounts and is connected to a server where that info can be accessed by individual servers for both game versions and other places like the forums and account settings, and as such, your "account" would be registered as a single entry in that database, just like everyone else.

Granting that OSRS and RS3 would both have their own individual account databases and therefore make your OSRS and RS3 accounts actually separate accounts (which would be an unnecessary amount of work), it would still have to be connected to some kind of master database for when any changes occur to your account so it would update both accordingly. However, even then, the servers wouldn't be able to understand how there could be 2 of you logged-in at the same time -- kinda like how you can't have two files both saved as "image.jpg" at once.

Take for example that you're able to send messages between both versions of the game on the same account. When I'm logged into RS3, I am logged in as Orcrist9, and when I'm logged into OSRS, I'm still Orcrist9, and I have the same account status, the same services rendered by Jagex, the same friend-list, ignore-list, FC, etc., etc..

Untangling the way all of that data is stored, accessed, and the ways in which it interacts in both games would be a massive undertaking even if it could be done, and even if it could, it just sounds like a lot of pain for a lot of nothing.

Your best bet is to just use separate accounts for both games, which is what a lot of players already do, and while it may not be ideal for you, it's just how it is.
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Draco Burnz said:
Steelweaver said:
As long as they use the same login details, it's pretty much not gonna happen. Sorry.

Would be surprised if they did do it though.

So would I.

just quoting another post is spam, please refrain from doing this to avoid confusion lol o_O

If you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion please don't post just for the sake of it. (This also applies to quoting another post and just saying "So would I.";).

...and back on topic...

might aswell give one of the games a completely different name.. lol o_O
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