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Morning all,

In the Mining and Smithing dev blog, we said we would “aim to change the poll based on your feedback before it opens for voting”. There’s been feedback, so now we’re changing it!

The ‘Yes’ option for the High-level Mining and Smithing Update will now need 75% to pass. We will also be starting the poll earlier than planned, on Wednesday 30th August.

The threshold is changing from 50% to 75% due to the significance of what we’re polling (something you have rightly mentioned in feedback). The poll is to effectively postpone an improvement to the core of the game, so that we can release content for the endgame: that’s a fundamental and large change, so we should expect a large proportion of the community to back it. 75% will now be required to change our plans to a high-level Mining and Smithing update.

The date of the poll is changing because there doesn’t seem to be much reason to wait. We had planned for a week to give people chance to give feedback, but so much feedback has been received that we don’t want to waste any more time. We want to start planning development as soon as the poll finishes, regardless of the option.

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29-Aug-2017 14:06:56

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