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Mod Matthe said:
Does this mean you will be moving other skills to 120?

Mod Osborne:
If it suits the skill, yes.

Yes! I hope you do agility to 120 next! > )

Mod Matthe said:
Are you planning a new Slayer Master?

Mod Rowley:
This is something you'll have to wait and see about! Most players seem to have the notion that Slayer above 99 will just use the exact same mechanisms as the skill has now. Don't assume that will be the case (though it might be, and either way will have familiarity). If there is not a new Slayer master in the end, it will be because there didn't need to be one.

Let us become our own slayer masters at 120; it is the true skill mastery after all. :P

Mod Matthe said:
Are you planning to do anything about crashing?

Mod Daze:
We are aware of the issues due to the increased interest in Slayer due to the 120 announcement. We have some plans in place, such as changing respawn times to be static instead of based on number of players per world, as well as further mechanics that we could introduce alongside the Menaphos expansion. We will continue to bear it in mind as we design and develop.

Player-Owned Dungeon (POD) would be extremely appreciated. Or any kind of instancing, regardless of if it would cost something or not. It's really frustrating to train slayer sometimes due to all the people crashing.
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