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Mod Matthe

Mod Matthe

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Yellowcheese said:
Sorry to be that guy...

"I am worried about the
on the game economy?"

I have no idea what you could mean ;)

(Thanks, fixed that)
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10-Feb-2017 13:45:32

Zevrant Bapt
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Lady Olenna said:
If Slayer is going to become the next Elite Skill, will it follow Invention's EXP rates (120 at 80M), or will it follow regular 120's, like dungeoneering, at 104M?

Slayer hasn't been mentioned anywhere as turning into an Elite Skill.
Invention is still the only Elite skill.

Slayer will undoubtedly be on the same level increase as Dungeoneering.
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10-Feb-2017 13:46:33

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Although at first when it was announced I was very unwelcoming of the suggestion. But, given extra thought, I am slowly getting behind it.

With my 120 Slayer right around the corner, I will need to be convinced by Menaphos expansion to train it up to 200M. By reading this FAQ, I'm starting to lean towards considering it. Although, I can't stress enough - 99 to 120 is 90m XP, you will need a lot of filler in between there. PLEASE take your time to create a good batch of monsters to include, not only for Menaphos but around the whole map (Maybe create a few new rooms in Kuradel's dungeon?). I wouldn't think it'd be healthy if 99 to 120 is just crammed into Menaphos.

Thanks for the FAQ!
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10-Feb-2017 14:18:39

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Yea, the faq doesn't seem to be saying anything you haven't said before. This still seems like an ill-conceived attempt to generate hype while not being willing to put in the actual time to do it well. Some new monsters isn't good enough justification to go to 120. It needs more but unfortunately because you're unwilling to actually budget things out well it gets smashed into the Menaphos update making both updates worse for it. Its a bad idea and I just hope if/when this all crashes down that it doesn't take out the whole concept of expansions with it (or maybe it should if this is the way you're going to do them)

10-Feb-2017 14:19:31

Hex Maniac
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Mod Matthe said:
A slight increase to the health of some key Slayer mobs should not be a major cause for concern

It's good to see you're looking at rebalancing some of the existing creatures, although I would say they could do with bit of a damage boost too.

Mod Matthe said:
More difficult monsters will be more rewarding to encourage higher engagement, but those of you who want a laid-back experience should still find competitive XP rates here

More difficult mobs should indeed be more rewarding, although i don't really feel the more laid-back ones should be "competitive" experience with the more difficult creatures or if they are, then there should be a notable difference in potential profit at least
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10-Feb-2017 14:24:27

Mod Matthe

Mod Matthe

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Korea said:
What are you doing about Avatar of Creation/Destruction in soul wars?

We are aware of the issue and are discussing it within the team.
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10-Feb-2017 14:37:47

Airut Bot
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I have a good suggestion that I hope didn't get overlooked in the survey when I wrote it in.

The top tier slayer mobs/boss should drop pieces of best in slot slayer gear.

Gear would be extremely useful for slayer but useless outside of it similar to a slayer helmet. Also degrades to dust to keep prices up.

10-Feb-2017 14:43:54

Big Storms
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Mod Matthe said:

Why are you planning to mess about with how Slayer is now?

Mod Rowley:
With the increase to 120, we are changing this from an optional goal to a more compulsory requirement. This means we have to ensure the XP rate scales nicely all the way from the start to end. Slayer XP rates have increased significantly since its launch, and notably within just the last year. Additions such as VIP tickets, task blocking, task preferences, task skipping, Slayer masks, Invention perks, various new gear including higher-tier weapons (now up to T92), EOC...the list goes on! All of these things have contributed to increasing Slayer XP rates over recent years. A slight increase to the health of some key Slayer mobs should not be a major cause for concern; the overall effect will be minimal in the grand scheme of things and will serve to make the skill feel more complete.

Thank you for ackowledging that slayer has seen significant experience increases over the years. This is why I shifted my focus on 120 in the first place. All I hope is that the skill remains a challenge when it comes out, at least on par with the initial challenge 99 slayer was before all the experience creep took hold.
Also, I feel that one should not be awarded too much for having a high slayer level already upon release. Like you said it creates this unhealthy attitude of grinding and skipping content. Personally I like to see new things I can do and unlock, of course while retaining the original spirit that is the slayer skill.
Finally, look into introducing untradeable drops as well: they do not crash the market and require active engagement with the skill. People can not buy their way around content and campers can not devalue these drops.

Anyways while I still see a lot of issues and prepare for them upon release, seeing this FAQ acknowledging them makes me feel a bit more at ease.
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Thank you for halving the Livid Farm requirement and making us need 120 Slayer.

From everyone with a Comp Cape pre-livid farm nerf
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10-Feb-2017 14:56:04

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