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Jon Stryder
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Jon Stryder

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Baking Bad said:
Cyanid said:
You still dodged my question. There's this lovely in game polling feature that Jagex has gone to great lengths to implement, for some reason they didn't use it.

Oh and by the way, that survey only asked questions related to 120 slayer. It was very obvious from that survey that they had already made up their mind on releasing it.

The survey Jon Stryder was refering to was the Summer survey Jagex releases every summer to gather what the community wants for the next year.

Yes, as Baking Bad said, I was referring to the comprehensive player survey, not the slayer specific one (which you would have known if you had followed the link I gave you.)

Over 18,000 players filled in that survey, which ranked Slayer to 120 as the 4th most wanted update out of the 40 updates suggested by players. That is a more than sufficient sample size to give an accurate representation of the players' wishes, so rerunning the same question using the in-game poll would be pointless as there is no reason to believe the result would be significantly different.

And if the previous graph isn't enough to convince you, how about this one? (Also taken from that same thread I linked you too, but are apparently too busy to check out.)

"On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how much would you enjoy these combat updates that we are proposing for 2017?"
( 0 - loathe it ... 2 - hate it ... 5 - neither like or dislike ... 8 - like it ... 10 - love it )

(I really didn't want to have this same discussion again, which is why I directed you to the 120 SLAYER petition thread where we have already had it.)
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What is the reasoning behind adding 90 million xp worth of experience and 21 levels to slayer in one fell swoop? It might be more logical to add levels in smaller increments as high quality content is developed. It takes time to create mobs and coming up with 21 levels worth in such a short period of time seems to be setting players and Jagex up for problems. Filling all the levels up in a matter of months is creating parameters for rushed content. And we all have experienced what happens when you rush things.

Why is the trend seemingly to have players battle multiple monsters simultaneously? Aggression pots, cannon and aoe attacks have created problems where slaying areas are monopolized by one player. Why? What is wrong with a player fighting one creature at a time? Increase the xp per monster in single combat so more slayers can populate the same area with less issues.

Stop confusing slaying with bossing. Slayer monster mechanics are becoming more and more like bossing. Keep a distinction between the two.

As a veteran player, I am still very skeptical that releasing Menaphos and 120 Slayer at the same time isn't biting off more than you can chew.

We shall see.

08-Mar-2017 23:38:05

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120 slay if you must to appease the vocal; pvm mob but not a comp req now or ever and here is why.
Jagex you are making comp capes close to unobtainable to all but those who have them already or no life RS. the amount of time effort etc required to get one now is bad enough and now another 10s of millions of xp in yet another combat grind fest after invention? show some original thought and initiative for once.
To any who says this is a whine imagine this scenario, jagex now says to comp you must have 120 wc or cooking or "fill in the blank" and you will not get it until you do as the ahem "skilling community has spoken" how would you like spending the next several (and lets be honest) months of your game time standing in one spot training the same skill to the exclusion of all else? we did that with div, this is div 99 multiplied by a factor of around 8. if a jagex response is "well to aid players will will introduce XXXX to assist in gaining this new 120 comp req" or some variant well whats the point of doing it?

13-Mar-2017 01:07:44

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Regularly passing Menaphos I am getting quite concerned that there is no sign of franctic construction activity in the vicinity - no chain gangs, pak yaks or slaves carrying shovels, no excavation explosions or large holes in the ground. I do wonder if the new site will be ready in time...

On the subject of 120s: having gotten my slayer master cape I wonder what might be the next skill to go to 120...? We have more than one RS player in the household and have been debating this issue lately. Personally I would find it logical to expand summoning to 120 because stronger and stronger slayer monsters and bosses need a suitable response in terms of follower capabilities. The mammoth tusks and their pouches hint in this direction as well. Of course the technique used in herblore, where new brews are just slotted into the 99-scheme, could be implemented but it seems to me that more levels would be a more consistent approach. So, for the time being my free xp goes into summoning :-).

Yet another method would of course be to start recognising virtual levels and place new content in the 99-120 range without promoting a skill to 120 in a single step, giving "max" and "comp" more fluid definitions, namely having completed all levels of all skills required to perform all skilling actions in all skills at any given time, thus making a far smoother transition from 99 to 120 and at the same time allocating development time across the skills as required by the flow of game expansion.

Anybody else given this any thought?

14-Mar-2017 23:44:11

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i cant wait to see the backlash they get from making this 120. lol. im glad i dont care about comp cape as 120 slayer would never. it takes 3 of the worse skills in the game to just get a cape? lol ya'll can keep it

15-Mar-2017 19:21:09

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lawbsta said:
i cant wait to see the backlash they get from making this 120. lol. im glad i dont care about comp cape as 120 slayer would never. it takes 3 of the worse skills in the game to just get a cape? lol ya'll can keep it

4th most wanted update of last year's summer survey with 59% approval to only 30% disapproval (the remaining 11% not being concerned either way).

Sure, there will be backlash (and I personally would have preferred them taking another route to expanding than just raising the level cap), but everything indicates that this change will have a very positive reception.

15-Mar-2017 19:53:38

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