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PrimaAntiqua said:
How many times do you have to be told, people largely do not like group bosses. Every single poll you have done shows that people want groups as small as possible, ideally solo; you've done I think THREE polls to this extent, one specifically during the design stage of Solak.

Duo mode is a welcome start, at least, but how many times do you have to be told to allow bosses to be soloed (READ: NOT SOLO ONLY, BUT SOLOABLE) before you listen? Group bosses just leave a bad taste in the mouths of many a PvMer.

Reveals look rather nice aside from this, but the fact you have pulled this crap AGAIN really annoys me. How many polls, how many dead bosses like AoD and Vorago and Raids do you have to waste time on before you get it?

Agreed; I'll probably do it duo since reaper is still required for comp, but it sure would be nice to earn comp fully on your own rather than having to rely on others.
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23-Sep-2017 15:42:30

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