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Jon Stryder

Jon Stryder

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Lots of interesting stuff, but I must ask how some of these updates fit within the current theme of 'Unfinished Business' as they seem completely new.

Take "The Lost Grove" for example. This could have so easily have been themed around Fossil Island instead of a previously unheard of area, keeping almost exactly the same slayer/bossing content while also ticking that 'Unfinished Business' box.

Edited to say I also agree with this:PrimaAntiqua said: many times do you have to be told to allow bosses to be soloed (READ: NOT SOLO ONLY, BUT SOLOABLE) before you listen? Group bosses just leave a bad taste in the mouths of many a PvMer.
Please stop 'forcing' players to participate in group content. Give them the choice instead and let them decide if they want to team up or play solo. If your counter argument is 'If we didn't force them, then no-one would group up' then that should tell you something about how players feel about group activities.
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