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This is dumb. Just let us play the mobile beta already. This game is already like a mobile game with Treasure Hunter microtransactions out the ass, so let us play on mobile.

You have a functioning mobile beta that works. Just give us access to it already.

I will not resubscribe until I can play Runescape on my Note 8.

07-Apr-2018 03:24:24

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Mod Shauny came across one of the main reasons they don't open it up to the public entirely on a livestream.
He was at Telos on the last Phase when the entire environment disappeared, forcing him to commit honorable seppeku as he couldn't finish the fight.

They don't want anybody to end up having gear lost and whatnot.

Rightfully so, many players would expect to be reimbursed or servers rolled back when that's not something viably done.

It'll be out later this year.

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07-Apr-2018 13:39:28

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