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MisteriPown said:
add more F2P missions ETC more AI to sertain places that actually do something other then sit and do nothing

Doesn't provide any monetary support towards the development, operation and upkeep of the game.

Plays for free.

Complains when not given enough content.

Someone has to pay for the development time to implement your desired "free" content, because the developers aren't running a charity.
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23-Oct-2018 05:31:36

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(The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion of updates that are already in development, rather than for suggestions for updates.)

If you have specific suggestions for what you'd like to see added to FTP, you are more than welcome to make those in the the New Game Content - Suggestions Forum. That is where the developers and other players are looking for it.

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23-Oct-2018 05:48:37

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