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So has the Elder god Storyline officially ended with sliskes endgame? Or do we expect to see more future involvement of the elder gods in quests? I feel they have a lot of untapped potential. Also although the young god series is over will they still show up in some future quests or is there involvement with gileinor over? I find it hard to imagine they wouldn't. Do we think that be we will start to get a bit of a rivalry between the young gods and the elders?

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The Elder God storyline started off with Sliske's Endgame, essentially.

The Younger Gods are definitely still on the playing field.

The biggest thing I can stress is that the Elder Gods are on a whole different level. They can create and destroy life on a mere whim, they see the petty squabbles of the Younger Gods as something even less than we would see dirt.
Dirt is life-giving, we both hate it for getting places and love it because we grow food in it.

Being completely serious, to even begin to try and understand how the Elder Gods see things is to betray how we see things as mortals. We see reason, cause and effect, morality. We have emotion, love, we can see and learn so much and still know absolutely nothing.

The Elder Gods have seen thousands upon thousands of worlds created and destroyed by their machinations.

They are life, they are death, they are time, they are fire, they are ice, they are eternal, they are finite.

You cannot define a creator in mortal terms without betraying the fact that the one describing them is mortal.

So no, a rivalry won't start.

EDIT: I will say though, they can die as is the case with Mah.

The only problem being, Mah was very, very, very, very weak.

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