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Hey guys

Just a little suggestion regarding the parcel pete with the gifts etc

I think it should automatically go to the bank as when you are trying to do divination or any other skill that requires you to have a full inventory etc it just gets in the way as its contently sending me atleast 3 parcels in 1 hour and slowing my levelling down.

Hope this gets put into account.



08-Nov-2018 12:54:30

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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You can already toggle it to send them to your bank (talk to Pete in Burthorpe, or via the letter), so you could always use that (it would take a lot of coding for it to toggle it automatically, based on which activity you are doing).

Given that the parcels stack, it's unlikely you'll get more than one type clogging up your invent, so that's only one space, which isn't too bad.

08-Nov-2018 17:16:32

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As this is feedback on the Parcels From the Hedge event, it would have been best being posted in the Recent Game Updates Forum, as it is already in game and not an upcoming update.

However, as what you are suggesting is already available as a toggle, we'll lock this up rather than move it over.

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08-Nov-2018 20:14:30

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