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Top 3 things that make you want to do a quest:
A new fun adventure, Story, to get my Quest Cape back

Things that discourage:
RNG Agility obstacles; though not as prevalent as they once were, it was infuriating to keep failing an obstacle and then pushed back to the beginning of the dungeon. Jmod's always express disbelief when a poll reveals players don't like Underground Pass, of course it was packed with interesting puzzles and good story, but if you only just had the agility req for it, falling into that chasm over and over was a huge pain.

Fight's that produce a lot of lag; While not a problem for me recently since I got a better laptop, prior to this, fights like the Nomads Elegy protect the Cave Goblins bit and the Sliskes Endgame final bossfight are extremely frustrating and difficult with a laggy computer.

Annoying Requirements; This only applies to the recent desert quests, having a quest locked behind 47 hours of non stop fishing wasn't fun, especially with how short the quest was.

What sort of rewards would you like:
Stuff to make it easier to gain MQC requirements, such as a device that makes lore drops more likely (Like Tarddian Journals etc) or stuff to more tedious tasks easier (Improved Obsidian Shard drop rate for Lost Gaal miniquest or doubling the amount of silver pennies gained from beating DoD). Cosmetics are always nice too, maybe something like the Wise Old Mans outfit.

Should everything be unlocked on release:
Yes if the current Quest creation rate stays the same

Type of Player:
136Cb, ~2550 Total, Quester & Rper, been playing almost 11 years.

Questing Achievements:
Beat WGS at 85 Cb, got Helm of Trials at 88 Cb, gained Quest Cape in 2011 with 91 Cb. Trying for MQC so I've improved a lot since then.
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