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What are the top things (up to three) that make you want to do a quest?

comp cape back, rewards, lore

- What are the top things (up to three) that discourage you from completing a quest?

they've all been shit for like close to 2 years, puns/real life nudges, bad rewards

- What sort of rewards would you like from the Quest Point Shop?

bankspace maybe? presets? action bars? Sounds unrealistic so maybe: good cosmetic outfits that tie into the games quests and lore.

Also, if you did all quests you should be able to get all rewards, but it depends on the level of rewards. If it's bankspace etc, it should be like every 50 qp is 10 more space or something.

cosmetic wise, can be "choose", but based on the amount of quests jagex releases and the quality of them, I don't like the idea of waiting until new quests have been released.

- What type of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Quester, Skiller, Completionist, Social) (You can choose more than one)

Completionist and skiller mainly. I dabble in pvm since required for comp, but nothing over the top. I also love quests so probably a quester too? although I think completionist encompasses skiller, quester and pvm.

- What is your current number of quest points?

399, max.

- How long have you been playing RuneScape?

I started playing right after the release of RS2... so..14 years?

- What are your combat level and skill total?

Trim comp btw, 138 cb, 2736 total, 3270 virtual total ( all 120)

P.S. kylar... night angel reference??

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