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Yusou Bhoroi

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They are already planning to reduce the numbers of seeds, and especially herbs, dropped by creatures (mostly bosses), due to the impact it has on Farming. I think that, once they've sorted that out, and it's had time to take effect, it might be worth doing such a boss, but not before, as far too many of such items come from PvM, flooding the market, and making it less viable to train Farming, directly.

PoF fails to be a sink, in any meaningful way. Even if you have every pen full, and only have seed-eating creatures in them, you can buy more seeds than they can eat, from NPC shops, even if you just buy the lower level seeds, that are very cheap.

(I like the idea, and it has potential to be useful for DIY/Iron accounts, that wish to boss, rather than shop, or slay, but in the current game-state, it's just going to compound issues that are already quite severe).

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