Ultimate Ironman Mode(No Bank)

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So I made an RS3 UIM and there are a lot of difficulties that go into this type of playstyle, for one the mode isn't an official mode in RS3 but since they have one on OSRS I think they should port it over to RS3. I bought bonds and gave them to my UIM and bought the summer special. One thing I was hoping to be able to do is the Kindom but since all the items go straight to the bank I realized I wouldn't be able to collect them ever. I realize they will not be adding an ultimate ironman mode any time soon so one update before then is adding a "collect to inventory" option when you collect from your Kingdom on Miscellania. There are a lot of other things that OSRS has that RS3 does not. The looting bag, seed bad/herb bag would all be very helpful. I would love for Ultimate Ironman Mode on RS3 to be an update in the future to add another level of difficulty and creative playstyle to the game of Runescape. Currently grinding for a 15 year cape.

22-May-2018 20:01:42

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Litteraly the only reason to add a 'collect to inventory' option would be to help out 'Ultimate Ironman' accounts.

Since those arent a thing, they are litteraly not going to put any effort/dev time, no matter how small it may seem, into something they dont have/care about/need.

24-May-2018 12:53:07

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