M&S rw: Low level ores in Wild

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Capt Mor0ni

Capt Mor0ni

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There's handful of people who think Wilderness-only Ironman is a fun way to play. I feel like the experience could be enhanced by adding low level ores (copper,tin,iron) to the Wilderness. Currently I don't think there's a way to get 15 mining in the Wild, but once you have it you can grind out your own gear.

Pretty easy and it shouldn't break any balancing.


20-Dec-2018 00:25:22

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Yea, I've seen people mention about this problem before. Indeed this shouldn't cause any balance issue because who even mine ores in wildy when they can get it from pvm drops.

In b4 our favourite forumer comes here to say: You choose to limit yourself therefore should suffer the consequences.
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20-Dec-2018 14:28:21

Capt Mor0ni

Capt Mor0ni

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Ah shooting stars, I'm a returning player so I'm not too familiar with those. But isn't the minimum level still 10?

@UrekMazino: I think part of the rework is a (partial?) removal of ores as a drop from PvM. I was thinking balance would be maintained by placing the ores so that they are worse mining spots than outside of the Wildy (i.e. no one by Wildy-only players would use them).

20-Dec-2018 16:16:58

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Afaik they're going to remove the level requirement for all layers after the rework.

I haven't seen it officially confirmed, but that guide has proven to be extremely reliable:

As for ores: Some ores aren't featured in the wilderness at all (both animicas as well), while for others the wilderness offers the only non-gated (locked behind a quest, task list or some other skill) source. Basically if someone is doing their quests they won't see any reason to ever enter the wilderness to go mining.
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All rocks are getting a major change in mechanics.

Rocks will no longer deplete on action (like they currently do).

You can click and gain constant xp, your chance of gaining an ore will have several variables.

It will kinda be like when you currently get stardust from shooting stars or salt from crablets in the arc.
Ore will come.

*something something* watch the beta

Ore locations will now be smaller, so we won't need 20 ore spots littered all over the part of the map.
Like I said, you won't have to 'compete' with anyone either.

So now, ore locations will be able to make more sense. Such as only having a few gold mines or iron/coal spots.

There won't be any real need to have iron deposits out in the wilderness, especially since there are safer locations.
Especially since Iron is still a low tier ore.

20-Dec-2018 20:00:24

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