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We're giving a handful of players early access to information about Menaphos. Fancy being one of them?

The Menaphos Insiders, as we're calling them, is a bit of an experiment. The group will be fed information about the Golden City, and other content which will make its way into the game with the Menaphos expansion!

The information they receive will be exclusive to them, and we won't be sharing it outside of this group. However, the Menaphos Insiders will be able to share this information with you! They can disseminate the information we supply however they like - it's all in their hands!

If the idea of being a Menaphos Insider gets your pulse racing, then be sure to sign up!

We're looking for a variety of players to take part. Forum users, Redditors, video makers, streamers, and - well anyone who's interested!

Fancy getting the inside scoop? Want to be part of this exclusive club? Sign up now!

Make sure to click on the above link - posting in this thread won't count!


Who will be selected for Menaphos Insiders?
We want to select a wide variety of players to take part - there are no strict requirements but we want to ensure all platforms are represented. Selections are made at our discretion.

How will Menaphos Insiders communicate?
We've set up an exclusive Discord server, where the Menaphos Insiders can chat and share information.

Why are you doing this?
This is an experiment for us. We want to see what happens when we let a small group of players share exclusive information.

What if the information isn't shared? What if I don't see all of the information?
The aim of the experiment is to see what happens when we let information make its way around the community organically.

The information we're sharing isn't game-breaking, so there's no need to worry in case you don't see it right away. If the information isn't shared, then we might share it at some point ourselves.
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Really, Jagex? You're already struggling with poor communication at times (just to give a recent example, some people are getting frustrated to keep a track of all the requirements for the new Fayre title), and you want to intentionally make the problem worse rather than fixing it and improving the communication?

Yes, I know, the "Insiders" will be able to share the information if they wanted to, but that's no guarantee + how can the source be verified if the company intends to be silent about it?
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