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I don't think Jagex will get many old Runescape players back with Mobile. If they left RS because of the game play, EOC/Legacy mode or other antiquated reasons, RS Mobile won't change a thing since it will still be the same game. These old players are also unlikely to play on mobile devices instead of their PC neither.

I think the selling point of RS Mobile is its appeal to the people who are normally not gamers or just causal gamers. They are not going to chop trees and fish sailfish for their lives but they may find some more modern activities fit their playing styles.

All these RS Mobile, RS NextGen and RS Franchis ideas are obviously aimed for the future of the Jagex games. If they can bring some RS old timers back, it is a plus, but the brave new "living", interactive players are what Jagex aimed at. :):):)

Frankly, the next gen players are what Jagex and the entire sunsetting MMO genre desperatively need. They need to evolve or they will hardly find any players <30 year old play this game in a few years. :D

09-Apr-2018 17:21:11

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The only reason I don't play is lack of a computer. When mobile comes out I'll finally be able to play one of my favorite games again. I don't think it's dumb if you have a big phone and a bunch of time to kill.

10-Apr-2018 18:30:07

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RS mobile would allow me to play MUCH more often than I am currently able to, and I will absolutely be using it almost every day for convenience, will it be the most optimal way to play? Hell no but it will be super convenient.

10-Apr-2018 20:26:46

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@Xsnakeheadx8 - I see that you are spamming a post across multiple threads/forums. This type of spamming is not allowed on the forums. Please make better choices the next time you post on the forums.

Also, I've locked this thread because the author seems to have abandoned it since he hasn't posted on it since October 2017. If the author wishes to have the thread unlocked: Please make a request on Forum Help.
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