Please no more Holiday events

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CM Neriphyra said:
[..] I would like to also hear about what sort of events you would prefer during the year [..]

While I agree with Ulume, that the Broken Home event was brilliant (entirely due to the quest), and liked quite a few of the old events, too (I would prefer Quest-type events to the current ones), I think that there could be an even better way forward, if they used the opportunity to do two things at once (at least for events that can fit): Update a Minigame, and have an event.

Many Minigames suffer from numerous problems, some of which (like broken reward-allocation systems, that reward people more for afking-while-preventing-anyone-playing, that they do for playing) can be fixed by an overhaul, and others (like lack of exposure, lack of ability to experience gameplay - to find out if you like it, or not) can be fixed by having an event that utilises them.

The number of rewards that go to limited-time content, that could have made a big difference to flagging Minigames, is just horrifying.. Some could still be limited, or easier to get during the event, but some could stay on as actual rewards (as well as their being proper reward overhauls, with things added that are actually worthwhile, and future-proofed).

Events don't have to be changed too much in theme, in order for them to fit with a Minigame, either... there are plenty of ways the NPCs that are traditionally involved in certain events, can be given a reason to be interested in certain Minigames, or even just have a humerous excuse (such as having lost an object there); there have been events in the past, that didn't even need the usual suspects, either (Christmas at the Tower, for example).

Most Minigames have very fun gameplay, when actually played properly (or are very close to it, with a few minor changes), so the events will be fun to at least some (like current events), yet will have the bonus of renewing content, at the same time.

16-Oct-2018 06:39:16

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