Dev Diary: Invention Batch 2

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Mod William

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The second big batch of Invention content is right on the horizon, and today’s Dev Diary goes into the nuts and bolts of the upcoming update.

With this, Invention will feel like a fully fledged skill, with content spanning the level gamut all the way up to 120. Mod Deg, Mod Tomb and Mod Erator are here to take you through what we’ve got planned.

Watch on, and let us know what you think below.

The RuneScape Team

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Let's see.

edit: Not much new information this time... I guess the adrenaline dummy is the most useful thing to look forward to, for someone like me who already has 200m exp in invention, so the QoL to training the skill hardly matters.
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Mod William said:
With this, Invention will feel like a fully fledged skill

Having to say this about a skill you released 1.5 years ago is both hilarious and sad. And maddening.
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09-Aug-2017 14:38:42

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The last big update? I feel that invention is the skill that should always be updated. Considering it helps you modify your equipment for great benefits, I feel Jagex should always be trying to improve things and adding things.

It would also be nice to think about the people that don't have 99 slayer or invention yet, also.

I rekon mechanised pets would be awesome. With some skilling perks or something to add to the pets.

09-Aug-2017 14:58:16

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