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Post 2001 on the original ROP thread was a little message from Mod Raven himself, following is a quote of said post. Thanks to Mod Raven for taking the time to write this one up as a celebration of the community discussion around this!


Hey guys,

I'm deeply heartwarmed, as warm as this lump of obsidian gets, to see this thread reach 2000 posts. It's great to see the passion and enthusiasm continue for something that we teased 3 years ago.

Rite of Passage has been a constantly discussed and fought for piece of content and whilst it's been shelved for a while, it is most certainly still in consideration.

Anyway, I figure that I should probably use this special post to give you a little bit of Abbinah lore. So, rather than spoiler the quest, I'll give you a little aviansie lore that is quest pertinent but only tangentially so. I'll discuss a little bit about the old Aviansie religion.

Disclaimer: This lore is subject to change as it has not yet made it into the game. We reserve the right to alter the lore below based on the needs of the story/game.

An aviansie spirit priest is known as an Bo'udgan, or shaman. Each of them is trained to listen to one of the five types of spirit and they are trained to interpret the needs of those spirits as well as to petition them for aid should the people require it. The Bo'udgan do not live separately from aviansie society, but rather they live among them. They perform normal jobs as well as perform their spiritual service, it is an additional responsibility, rather than a complete vocation. E.g a bo'udgan that works as a hunter, will hunt as much as a normal hunter, but will listen/talk to the spirits as they do so. Spirits are respected, not worshipped.

The five spirit types correspond to an aspect of life/balance within the world and within aviansie society.

Rite of Passage

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Water spirits are the spirits of beginnings. They are the spirits of creating and sustaining life. They encompass aspects of fertility deities as well as traditional water roles.

Earth spirits are the spirits of sustained growth and survival. They are the stoic tree spirits standing against the storm and they are the spirits that keep buildings standing. They offer gifts of good health and stability.

Light spirits are the spirits of knowledge. They reveal the secrets of the universe to those with the patience to look. They promote education and the betterment of self for the benefit of others.

Fire spirits are the spirits of passion and emotion. They are the song in the throat of a musician and the rage on the field of battle. Fire burns, but it also illuminates. Spirits of light and fire are often linked.

Storm spirits are the driving force behind the world. They are the inspiring words from great leaders. They are the winds beneath the wings of an aviansie carrying them to new places.

It is the responsibility of the bo'udgan to maintain dialogue with the spirits. To tend their shrines and protect their sacred places. In exchange the bo'urdgan are believed to possess spirit like powers.

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Rite of Passage

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Goal of the Quest:

Something that has been mentioned a lot I feel and should be noted in particular is that they have this desire to make Rite of Passage very exploration-based, where you hop around these islands and explore this new world (Mod Osborne named The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker when talking about ROP at one point, so that gives an idea). That's the kind of thing they hope to achieve. For instance in the design documents Abbinah is meant to be a procedurally generated world in development, to allow for a very large area. It is unknown how much of that plan will remain when Rite of Passage resumes development, but it is still a thing as of 2016. We can also probably expect to see an Aviansie village somewhere in this world of islands, We currently only know of one specific potential Village called Aquilar, but that doesn't have to be the one. All storylines need a huge city at the end of them, I suppose.

The basis of the quests story is that you take on the Rite of Passage along with Aralim, something that leads to something far bigger... The quest tries to capture the Aviansie as real and proper characters and not just “the guys who follow and fight for Armadyl”, it will also explore the cultural shift experienced by the return of Armadyl and the turn to the 6th age, e.g. the Aviansie being exposed to Gielinor again. The actual Rite of Passage is said to be about one third of the quest so there will be other things happening, Some things we know Rite of Passage will touch on so far:

- Abbinah in general
- Armadyl's Origins
- A new Elder Artefact
- How Armadyl got the staff of Armadyl (post-ascension, on an unknown world)
- What happened to the Aviansie at the end of the 3rd age (as they did not go extinct)
- Aviansie Culture and how it's changing
- Aralim
- The return of the Guardians of Armadyl
Rite of Passage

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