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Double Life

Double Life

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Yea... I agree with a lot of these fine people... It seems like more false promises that you're gonna make MORE unfinished business like the rest of your content since 2011...

I will be voting nay on my main for sure... Maybe for once your company will do something correct and will actually produce the update that has been "on hold" for an entire year since the talk about. Perhaps punishment of forcing you guys to release only Mining and Smithing for an EXTREMELY long time will FINALLY bring you to the stand point that you're doing a LOT wrong and you commit your teams in a BAD manner of fashion and organization.

It's time to GET THINGS DONE. Don't you think? NO MORE UNFINISHED THIS OR THAT. Updates. Release date = FULLY finished now. No more unfinished work.

Were tired Jagex... And you haven't even started....
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25-Aug-2017 11:49:59

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