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Whilst I'll be voting yes in this poll regardless, I think it's in the interests of full disclosure to instead of saying "...but delays the tidying up of old content?" make it crystal clear to some players who might think this means a month or two later, and have it as "but substantially delays, puts on hold or potentially shelves the tidying up of old content?". We're at a place where we're trying to cut down on unfinished business. By being clear with the (realistically possible) potential that the low level rework will not happen in the foreseeable future, I think the poll would become clearer and the differences made. I think this would also alleviate the pressures on yourselves from the player base if snags and bumps are found along the way, which as with all old code, will almost certainly happen.

Just my 2 cents, make of it what you will.
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25-Aug-2017 11:34:26

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