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Marc Robins

Marc Robins

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Under Sell, Over Deliver!

Sales 101, make sure you are keeping your customer's happy and informed. You need to make sure that you are providing consistent information with realistic expectation. You really need to focus and deliver this update at 100% completion and hitting the nail on the head.
~ Marc Robins
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08-Sep-2017 03:59:27

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FIX your game instead of stacking more problems on.


over a year late is unacceptable

a 120 rework for smithing is also UNACCEPTABLE. this is NOT the time to be building problems higher.

09-Sep-2017 05:56:09

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Mod Jack said:
Most of that 4-6 updates worth of time isn't actually spent improving the Mining and Smithing skills. Some of the time is spent on that, but the majority is spent tidying up everything that it breaks - fixing slayer drops, rebalancing artisan's workshop, that sort of thing.

And the players voted no to bringing in a simpler update that brings in the most exciting part without breaking things.

I'd like to suggest an alternative way of doing this without breaking "anything".

Maybe that's too optimistic, but here goes:

Add Zinc that can be mined at level 8 Mining, and made into Brass bars with Copper ore as well, at 8 Smithing.

Making a Clockwork Mechanism would now require one brass bar and one steel bar. Other uses for brass may be brought in gradually.

Require a Steel bar as well as a Blurite bar for making the Blurite sword, since steel was required for it during the quest.

Have mining Blurite require level 35 Mining, and have smithing it require level 35 Smithing. Allow the making of all types of Blurite armour and weapons - and make them Tier 25 with the same stats as Black and White weapons and armour.

These are modest changes that, of course, don't add up to a rework in themselves.

11-Sep-2017 07:46:18

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The next step is to add in the higher level ores that were planned for the original rework.

Orichalc, Necronium... and Invictum and Aetherium as well.

However, when this is done, Mining and Smithing will go to real level 120.

To mine Runite ore and smith Rune bars will still take 85 Mining and 85 Smithing.

To mine Orichalc ore and smith Orichalc bars - 95 Mining and Smithing.
Necronium, 105. Invictum, 110. Aetherium, 115.

This leaves some room for Smithing levels above 115, required for making Aetherium bars, to be required for making different types of weapons and armour.

But initially, while Invictum and Aetherium can be mined, only Orichalc and Necronium will be able to be smithed into weapons and armour. Strong, non-degradeable T80 and T90 armour and weapons will need some preparation.

It may be allowed to smith Invictum and Aetherium bars, though.

Then the next step finally addresses the issue of allowing people to use level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Mining and Smithing skills to produce armour and weapons for use at tier 10., 20, 30, 40, and 50.

It gets hit off with a world event like the siege of Falador. Corruption from Daemonheim threatens to spread into Glienor! The world's heroes have to help to hold it back!

After the event, it becomes possible to mine the various Daemonheim metal ores in Glienor.

But they can't quite be used to make weapons and armour as easily as in Daemonheim.

11-Sep-2017 08:07:08

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So how would they work?

The ores from Bathus to Promethium would appear, mineable from regular mining rocks, at existing mining locations. But those ores would be fragile outside Daemonheim.

So they would have to be combined with existing metals to make useable armour and weapons.

Bathus ore + Bronze bar = Bathus bar. Marmaros ore + Iron bar = Marmaros bar. Kratonite and Fractite ores would both require a Steel bar. Zephyrium and Argonite ores would both require a Mithril bar. Katagon and Gorgonite ores would both require an Adamant bar. Promethium ore + Rune bar = Promethium bar.

And when using Argonite ores to make armour and weapons that require 70 Defence to wear or 70 Attack to wield, the resulting armour and weapons would be degradeable, and would have stats similar to those of Corrupt Dragon equipment. It would also degrade in a relatively short time, but it would not degrade in 30 minutes whether or not used in combat like Corrupt Dragon equipment. Instead, something like degrading to dust after 5,000 charges of combat is what I'm thinking of.

And the same principle would apply to the other Daemonheim metals. At level X Mining and Smithing, one can make Tier X weapons and armour - but they're weaker than the more substantial ones made of normal metals, and they degrade quickly.

Initially, making weapons and armour from Katagon, Gorgonite, and Promethium, again, would not necessarily be allowed, until the issue of unbalancing the game and devaluing the existing degradeable armour and weapons was addressed.

And one way to address it would be: let Attack and Defence go to 120. Allow the various degradeable armour types now in the game to be upgraded to the new higher tiers thus opened up. Then they would have value above that of Aetherium armour, just as they have value above that of Rune armour now - none of the smithable armours or weapons would have similar upgrades available.

11-Sep-2017 08:22:29

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And then there's the question of Imcandite, Dragonsblood, and Thanous.

Since the levels for Adamantite and Rune are being left where they are, perhaps Coal should also be left as their secondary.

Dragonsblood for Orichalc bars seems like a natural.

So move Imcandite up, and make it the secondary for Necrite bars, and Thanous would remain for Invictum and Aetherium.

Given the presence of Daemonheim ores, and the expanded role for Blurite, these materials could also be included as additional requirements. So using Argonite with Mithril leads to degradeable Tier 60 armour, but using Argonite with Orichalc could still be needed to make non-degradeable Tier 60 armour, either always, or for some improved form of it.

The expanded role for Blurite means that Blurite items would need to be tradeable, although the quest requirement would remain to mine or smith it.

11-Sep-2017 08:49:16

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Further thought has led me to think of an appropriate role for Imcandite.

Let Dragonsblood be used both for Orichalc and Necrite, with Thanous for both Invictum and Aetherium.

But while the large amounts of coal, instead of Imcandite, are used for smithing Adamantite and Runite into bars...

let there be an option of using Imcandite instead of coal with Iron ore, Mithril ore, Adamantite ore, and Runite ore. In half the quantity that coal is required, as there would be no option to save on Imcandite with a furnace.

The result would be superior Steel, Mithril, Adamantite, and Rune bars. Which would require one extra level to smith, and which would make superior armour and weapons that were Tier 21, 31, 41, and 51.

That particular ho-hum improvement would not be the important thing about those items, though.

Using a blurite bar, a gold bar, and a silver bar, one could then upgrade those items to decorated Steel, Mithril, Adamant, and Rune items. Still the same tier and the same stats.

But then using a Cosmic rune and two other runes, one could use an Enchant Armour spell on the armour and weapons to give them tier 25, 35, 45, and 55 stats - while they still only required levels 21, 31, 41 and 51 to wear and wield.

Allowing the use of Imcandite in addition to doubled amounts of Necrite and Thanous would allow superior and enchanted versions of the higher-level items as well, although going beyond Tier 70-75 probably would not be done at least initially.

And if one uses enchanted armour or weapons instead of normal ones with the Daemonheim ores, then the resulting low-level smithable items (now requiring level 41 Smithing for 41 Defence or 41 Attack) while still having inferior stats could perhaps be non-degradeable.

17-Sep-2017 17:33:08

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