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Hello , back in the day runescape was mainly populated by players who played the game for its pvp content , now the tables have turned and the skillers are the vast majority of RS3, Please keep in mind that i enjoy the game for what it is , but i would love to see the game become as popular as it once was.

I think a good way to do this would be to introduce a large scale combat arena , which changes map rotation each game , and rewards PVP overrides and Weapons that you can use in the arena , And the arena has a Ranking system

Not only would this bring back some of the old pvp players , but it would introduce some of the skillers into rs3 pvp too.

Along with this idea you could introduce pvp specific abilitys for each fighting style , which are unlocked at certain arena ranks , and also titles and pets could be unlocked too.

The arena should not be located in wilderness and should be a safe activity with no loss for either party. but should reward with xp and rare drops on kills which could in turn be sold on the GE for profit.

the arena could be to any scale to allow one on one all the way up to 2 teams fighting to win , with different game mods , such as capture the flag , or A death match style game mode

if you want to see runescape rise in popularity again you need to think about what is mainstream at the moment , its Player vs player , and runescape 3 fails to deliver , but delivers amazingly in other content , but not all that content appeals to other players .

please , if you dont agree with me comment why but dont get to angry with me , we are all entitled to our own opinons ;)

thanks for reading

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Locking since you have also posted it in the suggestions forum.
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