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Glad to see more transparency about the development process. I have a few thoughts about some of the options, though.

Mod Osborne said:
Bounty Hunter closure and reward redistribution...
I think you're being a bit too hasty with this. Players offered feedback on changes to this (and Deathmattch) on launch and a while after, such as changing the death system in the Wilderness to use a Death's Office system (letting players use armour to match weapon tiers and making fights fairer without risking 100m) and it was all totally ignored. I think it would be worth exploring some of the smaller changes such as this and trying them out before just hitting it with the delete hammer.

Mod Osborne said:
Elite Hunter creatures –... (working with others might also increase chance of capture)
Clan boss – A boss so gargantuan and difficult to defeat that no individual could take it down.
Have you not learned yet that forced-multiplayer isn't popular?

Mod Osborne said:
Trimmed Skill/Combat Pets - The ability to trim your skill pet. This could be through a miniquest that tasks you with completing skill feats with your pet in tow, or to gain the pet for a second time (we would poll which of the two options is preferred).
I realise it's hard to clarify which you would do without seeing if it is popular, but at the same time I think the two different options needed to both be polled separately from the start. I didn't vote for this specifically because I fear the second option would win (which I REALLY do not want), but I'd happily go for the first option.

Mod Osborne said:
Aura rework: bring down prices and gain currency from logging in...
Challenge improvements: parity across challenges & reduce Dailyscape

These really don't go far enough to address the core issues. Auras are too powerful full stop. Dailies are OP and should be given randomly while skilling.

06-Apr-2018 12:25:54

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