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Shadow Guard said:
I am quite disappointed to see that even in the backlog there is absolutely nothing for individuals and clans that prefer multi-way pvp and competitive clan wars.

Before anyone misinterprets this, no it is not about warbands or white portal Free For All.

It is about F2P and P2P clan wars (rated clan wars and purple portal clan wars) which was quite popular but went stagnated because of lack of updates, and lack of interest from developers.

The only developer Jagex has for PvP only knows single way PvP and is utterly clueless about multi-way PvP and warring. Constant "improvements" on single way PvP and re-balancing PvM made warring a very unpleasant experience even for those that were regularly playing clan wars. It is quite a let down to see that the game designers and developers at Jagex think so lowly of clan wars and warring in general that they have completely abandoned and rejected the existence of warring clans. This also lead to the massive waste of time and resources on Bounty Hunter which was quite frankly pay2win and showed no hindsight of multi PvP.

Few years back, competitive clanning was a thing and Jagex used to host yearly competitions in a clans tournament where clan wars was the highlight of the tournaments. Jagex even gave up on that. They even tried to convert that to a horrible PvM tournament Dimension of the Damned that lacked support for clans and teams.

Nearly all of the popular games on the Internet are a multiplayer PvP experience, whereas Runescape is turning into a solo player experience.

Put clan wars in the backlog, revive competitive clanning for both F2P and P2P.

+1 I love the idea of warring clans and completely agree with you.
Pm with your best offer on purple phat.

10-Apr-2018 19:47:01

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Mod Osborne said:
Invention golems: gathering daily items (flax, staves, etc) – At high Invention levels, a player will be able to make a golem. This golem can be programmed to automatically gather resources from a selection of NPCs that give them on a daily basis: think pineapples, flax, staves, perhaps even Miscellania. This makes the golem a one-stop location for daily resources.
The proposed execution of this concept is ridiculously outdated.
Pineapples? Worthless.
Flax? Worthless.
Battlestaffs? The shop charges over 115% of ge price.

This is a great concept, reducing dailyscape, but if flax pineapples & staves are the items you're using to SELL this idea, then nobody will be interested. Even Miscellania, if you're collecting every day, you're losing out in the long run, you get less items.

Use it for profitable activities that players actually do every day, or what's the point?
If this is a go fetch golem, Then let us send him to the shops we actually want to use - rune shops, feathers, yak hides, whatever.
If you need to limit it, he can only travel so far per day - a bit like power limits what machines we can use.

But if you're talking players who are already into Invention, they have a few levels, I think the VAST majority would have moved on from flax, pineapples, & buying staves from shops.

If you can't make this useable with shops of our choosing, I feel like you're making it useless on release & missing an opportunity.

If you can tie it in with actual profitable acitivities that we repeat each day, then it has a use.
Obviously this has the potential to effect some markets such as runes, & that's where you'll have to use travel time or distance wisely.
Afterall, there aren't really any rune shops close to the Invention guild, & maybe the golem has to end each day there to recharge.


12-Apr-2018 16:18:49



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Honestly I would start with saying the way you guys do this needs an update. It is too difficult to actually voice an opinion and be heard. I think the survey was a good way to confirm that you're receiving player feedback. Creating a blog like this gives us no feedback that our ideas are heard. With saying that some of the ideas are good but it's all about time that it takes to get the updates. Instead of pumping out quality updates like jagex has done in the past updates have become graphical nightmares that take forever to become a thing. Graphics are awesome in NXT but it takes away from the content that the players really want.

I would say your backlog is too big and you need to limit the backlog to 5 things that you want to change in the next 6 months. And you need to make sure they're done on time. The players do not want to hear excuses such as solak that has been delayed time and time again. When you do these things they need to be done right the first time and done within the promised time period.

Jagex is a company that is known for their laxidasical attitude and that delays are acceptable and common. Glitches and spaghetti code are common. The first thing on your backlog should be Personnel accountability and making sure that quality control does their job and make sure that detrimental glitches don't happen. The ninjas are constantly fixing mistakes that have been in the game 4 years and new ones that are created everyday. First Step stop creating new problems second step ensure accountability. Third step worry about new content.

12-Apr-2018 23:20:58

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