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(Originally posted the following on the Improvement thread)

1. I have all the required emote Clue item's in my bank in one tab, I honestly don't mind as all I do is Clue Hunt (99% of my time online), but I thought why not make the cosmetic Suitcase in game accessible so we can store ALL required emote Clue item's in the one place? Having that suitcase in my Clue setup would be so handy!

2. Clue milestone rewards - for example, I've just reached over 2k Elite Clue's complete on the in-game counter, I'd love something to show off & brag, no shame atall, It's a big achievement to me & I get alot of people saying I'm crazy but they admire how many I've done.

. Titles?

. a Clue Scroll pet with googly eyes, think Windows 'Clippy' the paperclip (LOL hes cute okay) but as a Clue Scroll? & when people examine the pet it tells them how many Clues of each tier I have completed on the current in-game counter?

3. New locations, scans, coord's, compasses, (Prif, Godwars, Menaphos), anagrams, new types of PUZZLES & new sliding puzzle pictures please!

4. Untradeable rewards such as cosmetic items

5. A loot box! - I like collecting drops (mainly my Clue rewards) & I store them In my bank & eventually make a video on what I've made before selling, would be nice to have seperate loot boxes for different collections ie. Slayer drops, Boss drops, Clue rewards etc.

I will add to this when I poke my brain some more....
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19-Jul-2017 17:27:54

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