Lack of New Quests

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As much as I love quests, and it being the reason I play, there are numerous things that deserve more appreciation than questing. Mostly skills that have had very few updates to them.

Slayer, however, with it's 22 updates since the start of 2014 can do one, Slayer is my 2nd favourite skill but it is done, there is nothing more that needs to be added, who is asking for more slayer creatures with 1 hit kills and 50khp?. More needs to focused on other skills. Construction has had 4 updates since the start of 2014 (Aquarium, Mazcab POH portal, Menaphos POH portal, Prif stuff). There is almost no difference between how you train summoning when it was released, and how its trained now (Perhaps while wearing Shaman Outfit and Spirit Onyx to train), though this is perhaps more of a testament on how to make a good skill that doesn't need constant updates *Cough* Invention *Cough*. The smithing update is long overdue and I will be very glad when it comes out, and would rather receive an update to a long neglected skill than a quest. However fishing, is not one of those skills, it has received the most updates of any non combat skill and I don't think they should have prioritised Deep Sea Fishing.

I would love to see more quests but nowadays it seems they have to be either: "Some grand spectacle grandmaster quest" or "TAPP Project". It is obvious that quests aren't getting the attention they deserve, the Evil Dave Quest is one of the few quests to be announced at 2 separate runefests. I would love to see more intermediate quests, not grand spectacles, but not short comical ones either.

Also I'd love a community 'design a quest' contest.
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