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Santa the Executive Joy Bringer. I'm glad they're using old jokes. But Claus-terphobic was new and funny. I also love those Frozen jokes.

I couldn't make out what Santa was saying, but that's what the text was for.

I'm going to do the Christmas event on Christmas, and I'll take part in a few winter weekends. Thanks for reminding me about the Festive Aura! And the Runescape Forums. I want to win some of those rewards.

The ninja fixes don't really affect me. It would be nice to see those changes, and I'm sure I'll combine the monkey greegrees, even though I won't use it. I'm just glad they aren't releasing big permanent content for a change. It's nice to see a month where you know things won't change dramatically, although I know many will disagree.

08-Dec-2017 17:53:46

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