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Making such an amount of promises and delivering second to none of them (bank rework, mining/smithing rework,clue rework,...) should guarantee you guys a place in politics.

Except for Menaphos and Angel of death I feel like nothing of ANY significance has happened this year. And even that was hap-hazardly done. (really, a golden title for being "your own slayermaster" and nothing else?)

When I compare to 2016 , we got Invention, nomad's elegy, GW2, river of blood, kindred spirits and telos and that was just January to June.
Further down the road we get the Arc, Catherby and Whitewolf mountain rework, tales of nomad and wilderness rework(with achievement diary), bounty hunter, children of mah and then you finished the year with a blast with the christmas event and Sliske's endgame.

Maybe we got a bit spoilt last year, but this year the only thing that got more than enough updates was treasure hunter.

Back to the freezer, evil dave quest and memory to guthix were good but kinda meh.

On a positive note: Invention batch 2 and the lost grove were amazing. Absolutely fantastic and what I had been waiting for.

But too little to save the rest of the dissapointment of a year. You bet too much on Menaphos and it didn't work out.

Please do better in 2018.

*end rant of a spoilt veteran player that isn't concerned with most of the patches that everyone seems to like so much*

08-Dec-2017 18:28:06

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