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Ian Adler
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Ian Adler

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I love it when Jagex channels their inner child :D

As to the content, given the amount of slow, all but empty months of late, I think we can expect the best in 2018.
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08-Dec-2017 18:48:05

Lions RAWR
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Lions RAWR

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I like that the BTS video was kinda cute, for the last video of the year.

"Best deal of the year" slogan again for premier tho.

One thing: Why is this BTS showing things we already know about for this month :/ seems like a waste of time to me.
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08-Dec-2017 18:59:48

Light Gaia
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Light Gaia

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Back in 2010/2011 a BTS like this would of been a patch note.

We have released the Advent calendar again

The festive aura is back, go get them XP gainz

Winter weekends have returned, click here to see the what's coming

Premier club is back too, please go buy it we are desperate for money

Amazing how times change isn't it?

The only update of note this month was the XMAS event and that's probably only gonna last a few weeks at best.
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08-Dec-2017 21:33:18 - Last edited on 08-Dec-2017 21:33:41 by Light Gaia

Denlim Wolf
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Denlim Wolf

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Well this has to be, by far, the best BTS video of all year. You genuinely made me laugh, Mark. Kodus to you, and Merry Christmas to everyone at Jagex.
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08-Dec-2017 22:16:36

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Oh boy, one perms-update week and a holiday event...

I'll be honest, I want to continue playing this game on at LEAST a weekly basis but the lack of updates and content that actually makes me want to keep returning is... annoying to say the least.

I hope January has a much better and bigger lineup than some patch notes and an event.
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08-Dec-2017 23:11:19

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