Future raids?

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T Olvana said:
P.S. This is for Jagex: If and when you release new raids, please, just please make them soloable. Not solo-only, but soloable, so that both solo players and groups could take on them. I would really appreciate that.
This, so very much.

The thing is, this isn't even a controversial viewpoint: Jagex has done poll after poll that proves this is what players want.

The problem we as the Players have is that the JMod(s) who make Raids and in particular AoD and Solak completely IGNORE these polls. Even when they run them themselves. The JMOds that make these bosses are in the tiny minority that likes to do 7-player bossing and so this is all we get shoved down our throat.

We either need to manage to convince those JMods to pack it in, or convince the person in charge of the update release schedule to stop letting them. Sadly, given that both AoD and Solak were developed in the background of a poll that proved that nearly nobody wanted them, I think convincing Jagex is a much taller order than it should be.

19-Feb-2018 21:55:22



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Wyld said:
Smasherley said:
I wanted Solak to be soloable, I think most people did. Jagex should know by now that raids style, team based, endgame mega bosses are the very last thing that is wanted by the player base

I disagree :P
The polls held before AoD and Solak's release disagree with you. Maybe a few people want these 'large group' encounters, but the vast majority of the player base does not. A good third of the entire playerbase prefers solo bosses, high 20s would prefer 2-3 and somewhere in the teens wants 4-5 (source: The Big Survey from 2016, which should still be on Jagex's official YT channel). Practically noone wanted anything higher than that, but sady the JMods that make bosses keeps pumping out vanity projects, balancing bosses for group sizes THEY enjoy.

The guy making Solak even held a poll last year asking about preferred group-only boss sizes and duo still won by a decent margin. That's why we can accurately say people did ot want Solak and why it is so idiotic that they are prioritising the 7-player version over the duo version.

20-Feb-2018 19:33:21

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