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Should this year’s temporary Hallowe'en event (Ghost Stories of Gielinor) become a permanent members’ quest?

Many of you will have already completed this year’s Hallowe'en content, Ghost Stories of Gielinor, but whether or not you have, we would like your opinion on if you feel this piece of content is deserving of being converted into a quest and remaining in-game. Our approach for most holiday event content is to keep them in-game for around two weeks before removing them, but this year we want to poll you on if you would like to see this year's event become a permanent addition to RuneScape.

Holiday events have typically been temporary content in part because, thematically, they only make sense being in the game around the time of the event they’re celebrating, e.g. it would be odd having Santa Claus in-game all year round. There are also things we can do with content we know is only going to be temporary that we cannot do for content that we know is going to be permanent, e.g. we can be more experimental, the balancing considerations can be more generous, we can be a bit looser with the lore, etc.

There are, of course, some rare exceptions to this holiday content rule – most notably the Swept Away and Broken Home quests – but these pieces of content were designed from the ground up with it known that they were going to be permanent additions to the game. While that was not originally the case for Ghost Stories of Gielinor, it would be relatively easy be convert it into permanent content should the community feel it is both appropriate and deserving to do so.

Conversely, there are considerations that need to be made for permanent content that is not the case for temporary content. In the case of this year’s Hallowe'en event, making it permanent content would not be as simple as just leaving it in-game. There are some tweaks and changes we would need to make to its structure in order to make it permanent content (not many, but not none).

Weighing up the options, the most viable way to turn this into permanent content would be to make it a members' quest. The content already plugs into most of the framework that quests make use of, however, a number of tweaks would need to be made to do so fully. Therefore, if the poll passes, the content will remain in-game (as a holiday event) until this conversion work has been completed - we expect this would happen 2-3 weeks after the close of the poll. If this occurs, then any progress players make during the event would be carried over into the quest. If you complete the content as an event, and it ends up becoming a quest, you will be considered to have completed the quest.

The amazing work here done by Mod Damo, feel free to follow him on Twitter

The changes would include, though might not be limited to:

1) Reward - the rewards that we consider to be for the holiday event (the cosmetic override, this year's emote, unlocking previous Hallowe'en emotes and ghost treats) would not be awarded by the quest, if this content were converted into one. Only players that complete the content while it is a holiday event would receive these things (though, of course, you would most probably be able to unlock the emote in a future piece of Hallowe'en content, as has been the case for some time now). As a quest, we would rethink its rewards, probably along the lines of what's shown in the table below (though we'll decide for certain after the poll results are in, if they're in favour of a quest). If you complete the content as an event, you will not get the rewards from the quest (and vice versa), save for the retroactively awarded Quest Point. This is because we want 'Yes' votes to be made on the merits of the content itself, not on the promise of additional rewards.

Rewards breakdown

H'ween quest rewards

2) Requirements - as a quest, we would want it to sit more clearly in established canon. To that end, we would likely add the Restless Ghost quest as a requirement, use of a ghostspeak amulet for talking with the ghosts, and In Aid of the Myreque solely for access to Burgh de Rott (and, yes, while you can enter Burgh de Rott early in that quest, we would lock it behind completion of that quest for design reasons). The ancient bones would be handed out as a post-quest reward at various Prayer levels (10 bones for each 10 Prayer levels) - this so that we would not need to add a Prayer level requirement to start the quest. The biggest change, however, is that the quest would become members-only - much like how Rag and Bone Man quest was not made free in the recent update, the free/members split of Ghost Stories of Gielinor would require such a change.

3) Content tweaks - certain structural changes will need to be made to the content, such as hiding certain elements (e.g. the ghosts, interactive elements in Burgh de Rott) while the quest is not in progress, so as not to create confusion in other pieces of nearby content.

4) Lore - we would take a bit of time to better establish the character of Closure within the game's wider canon, though this would be for our benefit, for his potential use in future content, and would be unlikely to affect the quest content in any way.

Finally, it is also worth noting that any resource required to turn Ghost Stories of Gielinor into permanent content would have to be taken from another update. We estimate no more than a week of development/QA/art time will be needed, but the point being that there is a development cost for making such a change, and that it has to come from somewhere. The most probable outcome is that the conversion work for Hallowe'en would be carried out by Mod Rowley, who is otherwise currently working on the Pirate Finale quest (Pieces of Hate). As such, the release date of the pirate quest would be pushed back by however long the conversion work takes to complete. While the impact to you is both vague and not visible (seeing that you don't yet know when the pirate quest is likely to be released, and we aren't yet in a position to specify beyond what was stated at Runefest), it's still worth us stating this so that you understand that the poll is not simply choosing between getting something or not getting something. In contrast, it would only take about one day of development and QA time to remove the event, as is currently planned. As such, you should only vote yes if you truly feel the content is deserving of becoming permanent, and not simply because 'why not?'.

The poll will be published on Tuesday 31st October and run through until the end of this week. We need it to be shorter than typical so that we can make a start on any necessary work (be that event removal or quest conversion) so that the event does not remain in-game in its current form for too much longer than is typical.
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I do believe this should be permanent content.

It's a nice nod back to how these events used to be ran and which I hope will be the norm every year afterwards.

Lots of dialogue to enjoy, a fun array of puzzles to complete, and (For now) an absolutely stunning outfit to obtain. Even though it could definitely do with some boots and gloves. :P
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30-Oct-2017 14:16:46

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I'll be honest... The only reason I'll want this as an official Quest is to only get those 2 Keys ;)

(It's a Halloween related Quest, so keep it around for Halloween and that's all)

30-Oct-2017 14:17:31

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All looks good to me! Just a few probably unnecessary questions :P

1) Restless Ghost does NOT need to be made a requirement. Because it is already required under In Aid of the Myreque :P
2) Quest difficulty. Intermediate because of In Aid of the Myreque?
3) Dungeoneering requirement. To access Abandoned floors?
4) But seriously a Prayer requirement. Nature Spirit is at 10 so maybe put this at 20 and reward the bones for every 10 levels after that?
5) Closure's location. The Draynor area is getting quite crowded and while hanging out by Death's Office is okay, I think that the Port Sarim church graveyard would work better as a currently unused area. Would this be a possible change?

30-Oct-2017 14:21:09

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Strongly in support! We've not had much in the way of quests this year, and keeping this in-game would add a great chunk of story content on top of what we've got. The character of Closure is fascinating, too, and it'd be good to see him contextualised in the game's lore. Plus, it seems like a waste to have all this only for two weeks.
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30-Oct-2017 14:24:55

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I do wonder if, particularly with Halloween events, always aiming to make them with the intention of being permanent content in the future might be a solution to the long rehearsed 'development time ahkgrghshaja' issues. A new permanent 'spooky' quest (in the broadest sense, of course) each October seems relatively viable, especially given on the quite successful instances of this in the past.

(EDIT: Obviously this is a little less viable for Christmas/Easter events...)

(Anyway... YesforClosureplx.)

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