Quests in the Making (V2)

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Amascut said:
Updated the post with the title of, and the slight bit of information we have about Timbo's upcoming quest, The Mighty Fall (name revealed earlier on his twitter). Adding Elder God stuff now as well.

I hope Timbo knows what he is doing with that Troll quest.

09-May-2014 00:25:16



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I am quite irritated that 18/22 quests released since the start of the thread are either grandmaster or novice - so for most players they are either not accessible or not as fun as they could have been.

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Kemtros said:
While I don't doubt that The Mighty Fall will feature Lol, I'm hoping that it focuses on the fallout of Bandos' death. Maybe even include Yelps.

With a name like "The Mighty Fall", I'd definitely feel like it has more of a focus on the Death of Bandos than anything else - if it is the troll quest we want it to be.
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12-May-2014 02:40:28



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The Mighty Fall
The adventurer gets to push Yelps off Trollweiss.
Survivors will be shot.
Survivors of the first shooting.
Survivors of the second shooting will be prosecuted and sentenced to the electric chair (or kbd)

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