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I think it's pretty much guaranteed to see Nomad in the Zamorak Heist quest according to the current results of the Power poll.

Also, I have a theory. I wonder if the "new god" will come in the Elder Gods quest. Here's what we know.

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In runefest 2013, they said that a god would die, and a new god would arise. However, in the game Sliske said he did not become a god because he doesn't want to miss out on the afterlife... But then who else is? Who is the 'new' god that will arise? Has he still to be revealed or was it indeed Sliske, but packed in a cloak of deception?

Mod Osborne:Mod Osborne: Why does it have to be a 'he'? Yes, we have plans for a new god to rise. That god hasn't changed, and they are still planned. They are a feature of one of the story pillars - Dragonking, Stone of Jas or Elder Gods - and that's all I am giving you!

This was taken from the VIP Forum Q&A. **borne says we'll see the new god in one of the three main sixth age story lines, one being Elder Gods, which the quest will begin the series.

I'm like 80% sure at RuneFest 2013, Mod Mark said that the new god is someone we can talk to in-game, an existing character.

"In this quest a well-known hero has seemingly gone mad and stolen a spell that can teleport the abyss into Gielenor!" - Mod Mark RuneFest 2014

Since the Elder Gods quest will feature a well-known hero, and the new god is an already existing character, two and two together makes sense. Now, add on the fact that this character is working with the elder gods, and if any of them can make someone a god, it's them.

It's just some random theory, who knows if it's true.

26-Oct-2014 01:20:46

Robo Hobo

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@ Xtrm

To add on to your points,

Mod John A, long before he left, once mentioned the idea of Ariane becoming a goddess, although more of a personal interest rather than an actual idea to do so.

Regardless of if someone becomes a god in this quest, Ariane seems like a likely candidate to be this "well-known adventurer", due to the Wizard's tower being involved.

That said, I don't think Ariane will actually have gone "insane", but that the Wizards we would be working with would portray her as such as what she would be doing would be an affront/seemingly extremely dangerous, with no seemingly possible chance that something good can come out of it. That is, until we'd get further into the story of the quest anyway.

Whoever it is, I'm sure they have their reasons for what they're doing, even if they aren't ones we agree with.
You can only fully appreciate a story when you experience it through the eyes of one of its characters.

26-Oct-2014 01:50:13

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For some reason, I can't seem to update posts without them breaking. Will try again later :/ @Fannygirdle on Twitter | Co-Owner of The Scrying Pool, a future updates and lore clan

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Phew, I can update the posts without them breaking now. Not sure what was happening.

Everything's all updated now! Can't wait for Heart of Stone - sounds both lore heavy and wonderfully puzzly!
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01-Nov-2014 04:01:20

Red Snyper2

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Kirsakatsuki said:
I'm guessing that, since Heart of Stone requires Carnillean Rising, the "hero" is Xenia.

That would cause a lot of controversy. As a signature hero, like Xenia, none of them are allowed to do such thing. If, for any reason the Mods would allow this, any of the signature heroes were to do such evil action, they would then consider themselves traitors to the hero kind.

02-Nov-2014 22:50:01

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Well, it's hinted out that the hero is not in their right mind, meaning that Xenia is under someone's control. Then again, it could also be Ariane, especially because of Rune Memories, and as a wizard, the spell seems more like her kind of business. Maybe it's something like Ariane is under control, and Xenia needs you to help? Either way, I expect both of them to play a part in the quest.

03-Nov-2014 06:23:36

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