Quests in the Making (V2)

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Carsten said:
Which quest are you looking forward to the most, Amascut?

Personally, I'm really eager for Fate of the Gods!

(bump, and thanks for all the bumps!)
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15-Dec-2013 17:04:19



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I think jagex does not like quests anymore. We've had 4 new quests in 2013 (6 if you count the 2 reworks) and frankly, none gave a sense of achievement as much as quests like while guthix sleeps or the myreque quests did. I'm really looking forward to the next quests, and hope we get some good puzzles, because those we have been getting lately are just way too easy.
So yeah, thanks for reminding us that quests still exist and are still planned!

15-Dec-2013 17:41:01

Orion Raven
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Orion Raven

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I think that Rite of Passage might come in January or Feb.

It could be January, since if you look at the previous world event, Saradomin had a quest.

It also could be Feburary, since the World Event ends the week of January 20th I believe, so it would make sense also for Feburary

22-Dec-2013 17:54:44

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