Quests in the Making (V2)

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[Mod Ollie]: Well, you don’t have to play it first, and you’ll still have the same enjoyment of it, but if you’ve done those things and you’ve invested a lot into your character and you’ve done lots of stuff, then it’s going to reward you for that.

Is the quote :)
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Jambo said:
Where/when was it revealed that nomad's master was lucien?

Sorry if I'm a bit behind on the lore, I haven't been keeping up much.

Mod Mark confirmed it about half a year ago or so in a livestream :)
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The fact that I quit straight after doing TWW and hoped to come back to a load of new quests...

4th of March. Depresses me that its taken so long to release another quest.

Still, thank you for this thread, gives me something to look forward to!

30-Jun-2013 19:02:09

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