Quests in the Making (V2)

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Lord Drakan said:
Quick note, the Hallowe'en quest is developed by Ollie, Wilson and Nexus. Plague's End is John A and others, including Stu.

Interesting note.
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19-Jul-2014 04:21:23

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The only reason we should have a new quest series is that we need more quests that are accessible but don't have problems like Missing, Presumed Death. Otherwise, most series are heading towards either Master or Grandmaster. Hopefully the Elder God quest is a good change of pace, since it's Intermediate.

06-Aug-2014 03:25:35



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Pentzel said:
Radiologue said:
I'd like to see the start of a new series.

Hopefully not :| there are already enough Quest Series that really should come to an end first.

I kinda agree with Pentrel.
A few story lines need to be wrapped up.
The Dwarf and now Elf are mercifully coming to an end.
Be nice if the Workshop series met a similar quick conclusion.

06-Aug-2014 04:17:00

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