Armor/Weapon Differentiation?

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I think you're rose-tinted nostalgia glasses-ing this to some extent. Sure, weapons seemed more varied with attack speeds and so on, but at the end of the day there was always a 'best in slot' and usually it was the highest level you could use 'tierscape'. And Barrows set effects still exist and are probably better now at the gear's level than they used to be. Realistically, Pre-Eoc did anyone ever actually use a set other than Dharok's to PK, Guthan's as a switch on slayer and Verac's for KQ?

The problems we have now ALWAYS existed, they're just a bit more obvious now that weapons actually follow a level progression (which surely is a good thing, making levels actually matter?).

That's not to say more couldn't be done, of course. Weapons and gear can always be made more interesting with set effects like Achto, like Invention has done in a sense too. A lot of modern gear diversity comes from different Invention perk setups for different things.

As for spec weapons, the problem with these is that, quite simply, they don't work as well in the current combat system. It's nostalgia again: sure it was nice at the time but these days when you're already having to do abilities and avoid mechanics, you don't also want to be having to constant switch weapons. The notion of "switchscape" coming from things like 4taa, luck rings and vigour+Planted Feet are already common complaints, and more special attacks just increase the problem.

Like I say, that doesn't mean we can't and shouldn't have more diversity in what gear does, but looking to the broken past for inspiration isn't the way.

30-Jun-2018 14:41:38

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