RS Mobile and Email?

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Scout Husky

Scout Husky

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My question here is...when signing interest into the beta testing of RS Mobile, must I enter my original email I made that account with or now that I have changed the associated one and the other account that had that email beforehand am I in the clear on that? I just ask this because I do not want to be accepted to it on the wrong account because of such a silly error. Thanks for any replies and info.

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14-Mar-2018 08:02:50

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I believe the email you sign up with is the email you want the invite to be sent to. [qfc id= 373-374-110-66042164]Support the small QoL updates[/qfc] Ever feel like you have a person who won't leave you alone even if you've asked many times?

14-Mar-2018 18:45:19

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